Gov. Hope Uzodimma at Adamawa with Late Gulak’s family

Death, as postulated by philosophers is an inevitable phenomenon. It is an event that awaits every mortal, either today, tomorrow, or whenever. It cannot be escaped.

The death of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak, which occurred recently in the outskirts of Owerri, was really devastating, and unacceptable to Imo people. IMO people are known to be very hospitable, and we are not known for killing our guests, nor for constituting any nuisance in the course of conducting our business, and other activities.

The truth remains that Imo people are still in pain, and are bewildered about the circumstances surrounding the death of Alhaji Ahmed Gulak within the confines of our once peaceful State.

Before the year 2020, Imo used to be a crime free state known for its high influx of investors, conventioneers, and fun seekers; but today, hardly anybody in Imo sleeps with two eyes closed. The reason is that the enemies of Imo people have cunningly, and in their self-confessed ” Ben-Johnson’s way’ , usurped the staff of authority, and made our state a lions’ den, a place of gruesome murders, anarchy and all other forms of social vices, which have now eaten deep into our system.

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Shamefully, the default Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, was in Adamawa State to commiserate with the family of his late friend and business associate, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak who recently lost his life near Owerri. It is a good and commendable gesture for the Governor to visit his late friend, Ahmed Gulak’s family at this time of their grief, as well as the people of Adamawa State for their great loss.

However, charity they say, begins at home. Nigerians should ask Senator Hope Uzodinma why he hates Imo people so much that he neglects to show any similar acts empathy and compassion towards the very people he took a solemn oath to protect.

Rather, he has preferred to travel to Adamawa State, to commiserate with the Gulak family, and Adamawa people.

The question must therefore be asked: how many bereaved families in Imo State has Uzodimma visited; in particular, those who have lost their loved ones due to the raging inferno of insecurity in Imo? What about the IMSU students who lose their lives on a weekly basis since the inception of the current state of insecurity? Has the Governor visited the university to commiserate with the management, let alone the families of those young ones?

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What about okada riders, akara sellers, market men and women who have equally lost their lives in the course of the raging insecurity? What has the government of Imo State done to demonstrate its empathy, sympathy and compassion? Alas, nothing!

Undeniably and consistently, Senator Hope Uzodinma has continued to show Imo people that they occupy the back seat in whatever his nebulous agenda may be. Imo people are therefore enjoined to be at a high alert status, because the present administration in Imo State, headed by Hope Uzodinma, apparently regards Imo people as aliens to be treated with levity and ignominy. We must prove them wrong, and demonstrate to them that we are the true, and non-despoiled sons of the soil.


By Jimogu, S. C; MNPA, MIOP, PDE

[email protected]


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