Damian Igbokwe: A Call To Service



Over the past years, we as a people, have either by omission or commission, either by our making or by the dictates of our power brokers allowed people to give us mediocre representation because of one lazy excuse or the other like;
1. He has served many political masters
2. He has been in the race for too long.
3 He has spent so much let’s compensate him.

As a result, we have used our destiny and the future of our unborn generation to settle people as a consolation price.
In most cases, we have sold our votes and our destiny to aspirants without even knowing it.
Only for us to wait for 4 years for them to come back with peanut projects that are not sustainable.

Great people of Isuikwuato Constituency, the time has come for us to have deep reflection and look for those with capacity, not just academic capacity, but social pedigree, integrity and strong family morals. As our representatives.

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The Era of cash and carry kind of politics should has gone.

The time of trading our votes for peanuts kind of politics is over. Your vote is your power. This is time to use it well.

Let us support capacity,
Let us support quality representation.
Let’s support youthfulness.

Let us Support DAMIAN IFEANYI IGBOKWE to Represent the good people of Isuikwuato at the State House of Assembly come 2019.

Because He is:

Tested. Trusted. Totally Committed To The Isuikwuato Vision.


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