…Says son is innocent

By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

ENUGU— Mr. Lawrence Egede, father to the Chief Security Officer of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Enugu state chapter, Victor Egede, has dismissed the claim of his son’s alleged involvement in the brutal murder of popular pro-Biafra Prophet, Anthony Nwoko at his residence.

Mr Egede, while reacting to the allegation of his son’s involvement in the murder, described the claim as “unfounded, deadly and embarrassing,” saying even Jesus Christ passed through similar situation.

The IPOB security head’s father wondered why some people could come up with such weighty allegation against his son, stating that Victor Egede whom he described as a computer technician, “was brought up in a decent, harmless, disciplined, reputable family,” and cannot hurt a fly.

According to Mr Egede, “This is to disabuse the mind of the public, over a false, unfounded and bad murder allegation that some criminals had posted my son’s photograph online in total blunder. Ever since my life began I have never come across an allegation so bad, very wrong, too embarrassing and as deadly as the one carried by the Nairaland news platform.

“I belong to the media world and as a matter of fact, I wonder how people could be so wicked, issuing a false report about an extremely innocent Son of a reputable family. There is clearly something very wrong with carrying an unverified news item. My anger here is that the boy whose picture they used is my own blood Son.

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“He(Victor) was brought up in a decent, loving, kind, generous, harmless, popular, content, disciplined, not greedy and hard working family. He does not at all know how to hurt an ant. He has never agreed to slaughter a fowl in the family. He is of the softest mind in the family. He is an open-hearted fellow. He is a computer technician. He works for the public places of genuine need. He is too friendly to people and doesn’t discriminate at all against anyone.

“It might be his openness that bad persons capitalized on wrongly. They could probably think he is alone and want him implicated in a bad case of an expensive murder. They just picked his picture from the line of his own Facebook and gave out the callous wrong information. Or they wanted to use him to camouflage their own crime.

“Anything can happen in this world of possible rape of the truth. This is how innocent persons die for what they know nothing about in Nigeria. No wonder Jesus Christ our Lord was such a victim of a wicked judgment of men.

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“To be frank, I had never allowed my children mix with criminals or suspicious peer groups. My Son doesn’t even portray such a rash character at home and abroad. How can a human being born of a woman try to incriminate someone, whose upbringing is not corrupted in any form.

“He belongs to a sternly ‘Born Again,’ serious and too ardent Christian family. We have nothing to hide secretly at all from the open public. We are injured to read such wrongful news from a social media angle, believed to be faster than its pen shadows. How can people go about picking up pictures, from the record of Facebook and using same to jeopardize other people’s lives? Whatever be the case, we will never leave the matter lying as low until the publishers are discovered.

“So far, I have gotten the name of the crazy fellow that posted the rubbish on Facebook. His phone number is under investigation now. If any hurt comes to my Son, I will hold him responsible. I hope to see those involved in that bad paint-up story, making a global worst mistake with such a phoney body of allegation.

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“It is a bundle of blatant falsehood ever known in the whole Universe. God forbids all bad things. I cannot be awake and then entertain, or condone any bad omen of a dream. No more, no less and in fact, no way. Those in that business of unfounded, unfortunate, lawless and baseless killer allegation will live to regret everything evil in their kitty. God will pay them back while we tackle them accordingly.”


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