We have a major tragedy in Alaigbo. The tragedy of leadership. This singular tragedy will be our doom unless we move fast to avert it.

Igbo Youths To The Rescue!

Please let us learn to pay attention to the people managing our respective States as well as Representatives at both National and State Assembly levels!

Since it’s been proven that this man masquerading as our President is deaf and dumb to reason, let us act like there is no Federal govt and focus on your own regional govts FOR ONCE!

Most of our governors, Senators, House of Reps members and the various state Assembly members plus the local govt chairmen and Councilors are IRRESPONSIBLE HEARTLESS THIEVES. No Igbo state is working. Forget lies from Aides to these politicians. And please, don’t start mentioning other non performing States in the country. MEDIOCRITY IS NOT OUR STANDARD.

Enugu has not made any reasonable progress from where former governor Sullivan Chime left it. Abia is completely rotten. Imo is in coma from Rochas iberiberism. Anambra is swimming in hooliganism (agboro collecting revenues and beating and injuring people in the process with the knowledge of the state govt and is in debt despite huge money Peter Obi left in office. Ebonyi is no better. Don’t let beautiful flyover and a few quality roads fool you. You won’t hear much because the governor outlaws any form of opposition.

Most, if not all of these states are in huge debt with nothing to show for it. This is despite “Paris Refund”, federal allocation and internally generated revenue. Where did all the monies disappear to? Has the federal govt ever withheld any State allocation??

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Do not allow their Aides use facebook pictures of roads and bridges in China to fool you. The positive development indices you read about Igbo land has nothing to do with any govt, either Federal or State. An average Igbo person masters the art of surviving and creating wealth right from the womb.

If a governor is working, you won’t need an Aide to know. And to truly know if a governor is working, find out how much such a Governor receives as monthly FEDERAL ALLOCATION, INTERNALLY GENERATED REVENUE and DEBT PROFILE of that particular state (both internal and external), then compare this to the work on ground. It betrays a worrisome level of deliberate naivety for anyone to claim a certain governor is doing well without considering the above.

Don’t just travel to your state, go round a section of the city and conclude your governor is working just because you saw one or two good road network. Make inquiry about the above.

As for our National law makers (both Senators and House of Reps members), those ones are almost beyond redemption. I say this with due respect to the few performing ones. Go round your constituency and judge your representatives. We all know how much they receive as salaries and allowances plus constituency projects funds. Does what you see in your constituency commensurate with the outrageous funds your Rep receives in your name??

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Our state Houses of Assembly are even worse. For those ones, no hope! They act like a rubber stamp to the executive. No oversight functions. No nothing. Just paddy paddy business of “If you scratch my back, I scratch yours”. Meanwhile, just like the federal lawmakers, these state lawmakers also receive constituency projects fund but they use it to buy cars and houses because we are not alive to our civic responsibilities.

The local govt chairmen are political alleluia boys for the governors. Most states no longer bother conducting elections into the local govt offices. They just appoint their stooges to act as care taker chairmen.


There is absolutely no reason for any community to exist in Igbo land without a health center. How?? When there is a Senator, HOR member, HOA member, local govt chairman and councillor receiving millions in the name of that same community??

Now that these governors have just been sworn in and a new set of representatives at both federal and state level are about to be inaugurated, let us pay more attention to the men and women ruining our region.

If you see something, say something. You can even call out the politician involved. You can publicly publish his/her phone number for protest calls and SMS. In my experience, it works magic. If you are scared, bring it to my attention. They are our employees, not our emperors. An employer calling or texting his employee to reprimand him is completely legal AS LONG AS YOU ARE SURE OF YOUR INFORMATION (The emphasized point is very important) Truth is the best defense in matters of defamation.

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This #NextLevel is going to be a very ‘long night’. We can shorten it by understanding that there is no Nigeria anywhere. Buhari has cleared all doubt. The earlier we learn to exist like a Nation inside a false “Nation” by paying more attention to our respective regional issues, the better for all of us.


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