South Africa’s second President, Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki says the xenophobic attacks currently going on in South Africa aren’t targeted at legitimate Nigerian Workers or Businessmen, but “Nigerian criminals.”

Mbeki, who held sway in South Africa from June 1999 to 24 September 2008, said “there are Nigerians who are involved in drug peddling. There are Nigerians who are involved in prostitution” thus they are the one being targeted by the attackers.

In a video which has gone viral, the former South African leader said; “there’s no South African that goes about chasing Nigerians because they are Nigerians. It doesn’t exist!.

“But when they see those ones that feeds their children with drugs, they report to the police and the police doesn’t do anything. Then, the community takes laws into their hands, that will happen. It is incorrect to read that as being an offensive against Nigerians, Mbeki said.

The video can be found below;

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