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Chief Chidi Ajaegbu, in trying to explain his reasons for dumping APGA and Politics, reeks of a confused man in his struggle to explain why Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu keeps defeating his club of elites. He tried to justify his failure using his jaundiced partisan impression of Abia State. He views Abia through his prism of a “don’t dirty” super elitist minded politician to generalize for entire Abians.

If he wasn’t confused, he should have ran for Governorship and not Senate as all the nonsense he spewed as reasons that made him venture into politics can’t be corrected or achieved by a Senator but a Governor.

I will advise this confused elitist politician or now ex-politician to face what he think he knows best, which is living in a glass house. Also, till he understands the functions of a Senator and that of a Governor, he should remain out of partisan politics. Chief Ajaegbu is simply bitter and ignorant.


APGA doesn’t know what the people want, they recruit elites who are far removed from the people then get shocked when the people vote PDP that fields ordinary folks like them. Cambridge certificate doesn’t impress the Okada man, the market woman etc. but your relationship with them.

A man, who is not known in his Senatorial zone want to be Senator???😁 😁.
People like Chief Ajaegbu and Alex Otti will bury the state in their elitist world, where the ordinary people will be left behind as punishment for not being like them, the “elites”.

The people want ordinary people not those elites with their nose in the air. You must stoop to conquer. You must be like the people. You must come down from your high horse. Untill APGA does that, frustration won’t leave them, as “we” the people will keep rejecting them for PDP.

Without effective Campaigning, without visibility, Chief Chidi Ajaegbu ran a failed campaign and ultimately failed in the general election. After paying through his nostrils for the APGA nomination, he concluded that insulting PDP will automatically hand him winning without telling the people what he will do for them and who he is. When the market woman is seen as too dirty to come near or the keke man too unkempt to mingle with, then do not call our elections illegitimate because those people choose who they want and can relate with, not the few arrogant “rich kids” from Lagos and Abuja.

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Ordinary people do not vote elitist politicians.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. So long loser!!!

@Eric Dwyse Ikwuagwu writes from Abia State


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