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Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) say they have aligned with the Federal Government to provide a two-month rebate of free electricity to customers nationwide.

The DisCos’ spokesman, Sunday Oduntan, in a statement yesterday, said this was in recognition of the challenging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic and daily lives of the customers.

He stated: “We’re also completely aligned with the plans to ensure palliative measures, including free electricity supply to all Nigerians for two months, to make life easier, during the lockdown period. Details of implementation to come soon.”

He said the initiative was a fulfilment of the DisCos’ commitment to the nation as they aligned themselves with the efforts of the legislature and the executive to mitigate the hardships currently being borne by their customers and Nigerian citizens.

The DisCos commended the legislature, the executive and the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission for their initiative, saying they were committed to working with them to ensure more efficient power supply within the difficult period.

The power firms also reiterated their commitment to improving service delivery to the nation during the pandemic period. They advised their customers to stay home and stay safe.




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