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The only constant phenomenon is change, and we change on a per second basis. No one can stop change from taking place but everyone to some extent can influence the type of change he encounters at least with the things he has some degree of control or influence over.

However, the majority of us will do nothing to bring about the change we desire but will stop at nothing to brood and complain about the situation of things, forgetting that emotions don’t solve problems but actions – timely right actions – do. Those who are conscious of their environment and take deliberate actions for desired results, most times, somehow get better but those who wait for manna to fall from heaven may not eat what they want to eat when they want to eat it, that is, even if they would see or get anything to eat.

To change along with change, there would be need for some degree of distortion which may be coincidental or deliberate and might not be palatable and desirable but must be tolerated, accommodated and endured for a better outcome and a better tomorrow. It might even come with betrayals and pains for the inherent lessons to be learnt, may be in a hard way which is the hard best.

Everyone with a teachable heart and the willingness to learn without bias would discover that to a great extent, human beings are the masters of their fate. Covertly and overtly, at every giving time, our actions define who we are and the things we hold dear contrary to what we say or would want others to believe – and this becomes more conspicuous with the acquisition of some affluence and influence or authority. Poverty could make us be pious while power would bring out the beast in us.

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It is more of a norm that people look humane, humble and pious when they have nothing to brag about but the moment our status changes for better, the other side of us – the real us – would come to the limelight. Position and power define our true identity. Money can make a man a monster!

Those who benefit from a system, however bad it is, rarely complain except when they are edged out. This is because “people” don’t talk when they are eating even if every other person is starving. Our perception of evil could truly be assessed from the prism of our position. Where we are, determines what we do; our reactions depend on what and who provoked the action. The things we condemn in one person may suddenly attract grave silence or even commendation because another person is involved.

We may become intentionally blind, deaf and dumb to evil and injustice when we are not at the receiving end or even aid and abet it to settle scores as nothing unite people more than having a common enemy but the moment we become involved, heavens must be let loose! Those who feed on human flesh complain most about cannibalism; those with the penchant for abusing others will do everything to avoid being abused.

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Action speaks louder than voice. Our true characters are made manifest when we get to a position of authority. At such times, our moral instinct gets sedated and we see things from a different perspective. With little money, we throw caution to the dogs; with a little power, we can play gods. Human beings are not what we claim or pretend to be. We are of a truth, masters of deception, deceit and hypocrisy especially when and where our interest is served.

It has been proved that within a short period of time, even without mood swing, one can transit from moral through immoral to amoral state in pursuit or conquest of ambition – gross ambition. It is no more news that with a little twist – twist of things and twist of fate – people can change for better or worse. This is where group consciousness becomes a force that must be embraced with caution. When people gather for a common cause, some of them would be there purely for their hidden personal interest. Therefore, be careful. Look before you leap.

While planning for good even with all precautions, things may change for worse with or without your knowledge and consent. Challenges and trials will come not necessarily because you are careless or reckless but because you are a human being passing through the phases of metamorphosis in a world of uncertainty. Brace up and live to the full accepting what life brings your way as you change the things you can change and manage the ones you cannot change.

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When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will definitely change! No one can hold you down without your consent. Without challenges and opposition, you may not leave your comfort zone for exploitation! Attacks attract attention and betrayals bring about the courting and beautification of the other side. Without changing position willingly or unwillingly, you will not get a new position for release leads to increase. Resolve to do things differently and you will get different results so free yourself from every form of entanglement and fly.

Be yourself. Embrace the changes as they come; use them for your advancement and advantage. That we are all alike but not the same is enough reason for you to be yourself, fulfilling destiny. Cry your own cry when, where and how you want it without fear or favour. You are here for a purpose so make things happen. Cause the change you need.


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