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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

As Anambra State gears up for governorship election this November, a political pressure group, Anambra Ekunie, has called on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to conduct psychiatric test on its aspirants.

Several political parties are set to hold their primary election having concluded the screening process.

The group said such test had become extremely necessary so as to avoid the possibility of electing a mentally unstable person to fly the party’s flag at the November election.

Speaking through a statement made available to journalists in Enugu and signed by its President, Dr. Ifeanyi Achusi, Anambra Ekunie said the public conduct of some PDP aspirants is a source of concern to its members.

The group said it was necessary that PDP conducted a psychiatric evaluation to ensure that a mentally challenged person does not get the chance of becoming governor in the state.

“We have been following the campaigns of the aspirants of the PDP for the governorship of our dear state, Anambra.

“While we have been impressed with the peaceful conduct of the campaigns so far, something we also recommend to others, we are however, worried about the public conduct and behaviour of some of the aspirants.

“These conducts have created the impression of mental instability and for this reason we are calling on the leadership of PDP to subject all the aspirants to psychiatric evaluation.

“This has become necessary so as to avoid the possibility of a mentally challenged person becoming the flagbearer of the party”, Anambra Ekunie said.

The group further warned the PDP aspirants against creating the impression that Anambra State was up for sale to the highest spender.

It said aspirants may be delusional in the thinking that throwing money at delegates is the surest way to win their support.

“What we have seen of some of the delegates leaves much to the imagination. Dr. Godwin Maduka throws money at delegates as if Anambra was for sale.

“Promising a house for each delegate if he is voted at the primary election is like a promise made to a prostitute. It is delusional and capable of derailing the good visions of PDP for Anambra state and must therefore be checked”, the group added.


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