Dr Ben Nwoye and Sen Ken Nnamani

The plot by former President of the Senate, Ken Nnamani to illegally detain the Enugu State Caretaker Committee Chairman of Enugu All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr Ben Nwoye didn’t come to fruition today.

JOURNALIST101 gathered that some policemen from Enugu State Police Command stormed the state secretariat of the party; 127 Park Avenue, GRA, Enugu shortly after Dr. Nwoye finished meeting with the newly elected Chairman of the 17 local government Areas and their secretaries to invite him (Nwoye to their office).

Ben Nwoye a source told JOURNALIST101 followed them to the state command where drama ensued as it became clearer that the Enugu Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Lawal wasn’t aware of the invitation.

“When Ben got to the state command, the police officers that stormed the party office tried taking our Chairman to another office other than that of the Commissioner of Police, our Chairman insisted that he wants to see the Commissioner whom they said invited him to his office.”

Confirming the development, Dr. Nwoye told our correspondent that another effort to intimidate him by former Senate President working with some corrupt police officers failed again after their allegations against him failed to achieve its plan.

“Some senior police officers came to our officers with over 20 armed policemen and said the police commissioner was looking for me. When we got there, it turned out that Ken Nnamani wrote a petition against me based on some letters he attached from the Internet.

“Ken Nnamani’s lawyer, Jerry Eneh was at the station on behalf of Nnamani to complete their hatchet job. The petition was written on Saturday, the same day the police also told me to come to their office for ‘break and entry’ but I told them I will come today (Tuesday) if they bring a formal invitation which they couldn’t.

“Today, when they saw us meeting at the party’s office, some people informed Jerry Eneh and his co-travellers that we are in the office and they went to the police and lied to them.

“When I met with police commissioner, he said there was no petition before him bothering on break and entry and he never sent anyone to invite me but the ‘overzealous policemen’ used his name to effect the invitation. He said the only petition against me is from Ken Nnamani and I have responded accordingly because I don’t know anything about what Mr. Nnamani is alleging.

Dr. Nwoye said this is their last option after they have failed to remove the foundation members of the APC in Enugu state.

“They are using state powers to enforce illegal claims against us. The last time, they engaged in self-help which also failed and today, they attempted using compromised police officers.”

Nwoye also commended the Commissioner of Police in Enugu State describing him as a “professional” in the discharge of his duty.



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