Governor Nasir El-Rufai

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has described Lagos as a small place compared to Kaduna and even joked that Kaduna can feed the whole of South-East, predominantly Igbos.

“It’s a huge state,” Mr El-Rufai said of Kaduna, ravaged by worsening insecurity. “So, the fact that there is insecurity in one part does not mean there’s insecurity everywhere. It’s not Lagos. It’s not a small place at all.”

His argument was to emphasise the economic viability of the northern state.

“Yes, we’ve had investment summits, and they have been very successful. In the last five years, we have attracted nearly three billion dollars in investments in spite of all these stories about insecurity because investors know that large parts of Kaduna state are quite safe,” the Kaduna governor further explained. “They are safe as anything.”

The governor stated this to State House correspondents on Tuesday after a closed-door meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari.

He insisted that despite Kaduna’s worsening insecurity, the state continued to attract investments even though it could have been better.

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On the potential of Kaduna to feed Igbos in the South-East, Mr El-Rufai expatiated, “Kaduna state is a huge state. We have 46,000 square kilometres. I joke with my colleagues from the South-East: Kaduna state alone can feed the five states of the South-East two and half times.”


  1. Actually El-Rufai is dumb tô even joke along ethnic fulani supremacy over significant portion of Nigérian people. What is the correlation between Land mass and feeding people, between size of Kaduna and feeding entire SE or coré igboland? Since he said he jokes with d 5 Gov of SE that he in Kaduna can feed all of them in SE by more than two and half times or by 250%, under what context were they cracking that kind of expansíve joke? Perhaps when they were duelling about sharing d nation’s treasury? What a mischevious and unrepentant hate monger!


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