Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

By Honest Munachiso Offor

Nearly 20 years ago, Abaribe fought to upstage the man he ran on a joint ticket to become deputy governor 4 years earlier.

He failed but his stock rose. 4 years later, in 2007, he moved to the Senate and has stayed there since then.

By 2025, Abaribe will be 70 years and if he wins, he’ll be 72 by the time he’ll be completing his first term in office.

Elsewhere Senators aspire to higher offices after a successful national service. It’s absurd to aspire to first division after playing in the top tier.

Biden was a Senator. So was Obama. The Clintons. Kennedy. Kerry. It will be unthinkable for Mitch McConnell to go back to Kentucky seeking votes as governor after serving as minority and majority leader of the US Senate.

After 14 unbroken years in the country’s highest lawmaking chamber, it speaks volume of the man’s stewardship that no one can point to the his legacy asides standing surety for Nnamdi Kanu.

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Where is his bill that enhanced access to justice, education or health services? Before marginalization of Ndigbo, what did he stand for? Injustice and incompetence did not begin with Buhari. What were his views when subsidy racketeers fleeced the country dry.

Importantly, why has he been silent over the progressive decay of governance in Abia? Those who point to godfatherism as the only problem of Abia state are ignorant. Who is behind the bumbling incompetence of Ortom or the nauseating tomfoolery of Ben Ayade?

Maduforo indeed, and if his backers do not see the irony in pushing an old man as the hope for the future, then it means that “mmadu agwula”.



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