In her speech on 13th November 1913 at Hartford , Connecticut, United States, “Freedom or Death”; Emmeline Pankhurst said: ‘we will put the enemy in the position where they will have to choose between giving us freedom or giving us death.’ She was championing a.course for suffrage — a fight to given women voting right was for Pankhurst a fight of conscience. Many have viewed this woman as the best thing that happened to women in 20th century. Even in our own time the semblance of that international character is reflective in disposition and conduct of Chief Dr. Deaconess IFEOMA NWOBODO.

Some women are naturally savvy and charismatic enough to engineer social, political and economic revolution, to pose a new order that benefits all no matter the social status. It is a new order that will establish a new strong voice in the Senate to attract unimpeded development to Enugu East Senatorial Zone through collaborative efforts as lucidly catalogued in Dr Nwobodo’s leadership quality. A new order that gives us a clarity of choice on good over evil, a choice on who represents us in the Senate come 2023, a choice between eight years of the same as option or new era of hope and committed purposeful leadership from Mrs Nwobodo.

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DI N’ IRU project has an engraved mark in its conscience that the yearnings and aspirations of Ndi Enugu East Senatorial Zone must be fulfilled and that there must be a turn-around from what we use to have in the past.
The inalienable right guaranteed by free speech in Parliament (i.e. bill of right) since 1688 after the fleeing of King James II will serve as a platform upon which Dr Mrs Nwobodo will stand to break the yoke that has mitigated against our Senators from speaking on the floor of Senate and attracting tangible thing for the Zone for the past sixteen years now.
My people Senate is a serious business and must be reserved for serious minded person.
From what she did as Chief of staff to His Excellency, Barr Sullivan Chime, one would readily figure out what exactly she will do in the Senate Chamber. Mrs Nwobodo will bear it in mind that the 2023 mandate is a mandate to do good to all manner of people as a gesture of goodwill for wide acceptance and recognition of our teeming population that want a new direction. This direction must be aligned to the dreams of Rogger Sherman who proposed the Representative formula that guided the Congress of United States of America in 1787. A formula that entitled a number above 30,000 of people a representative seat. The beauty of this is that a number of personalities had contributed immensely to deepen the status of representative assembly through provision of democracy dividends and by enriching the body with robust debates and we are certain that her outing as a Senator representing Ndi Enugu East Senatorial Zone will add value to that noble dreams which kept Rogger Shearman awake during the excruciating debate of 16th July 1787.

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Ok, will it be over or understatement if one says that representation and achievements witnessed in past sixteen years in the Senate are abysmal and too trifling to be confuted in any logical sense?

Now for those of you who have come forward to ask for a new order you will get it, i sensed the gods hear you and i am too sure we shall have His Excellency’s back because the reasons you advance are prevailing reasons. All i say to you is that your courage, optimism and audacity will pay and you are stoutly reverend in Howard Zinn’s assertive statement that, “you can’t be neutral on a moving train.”

As the primary election is fast approaching the usual stories of falsehood will resurface again just in two or three days from now but be steadfast in supporting Chief Deaconess IFEOMA NWOBODO and continue to inform those image killers that they are on the wrong side of history — as truth is only treason in the empire of lies. Therefore according to Carlyle, “No lie can live forever.” It suffices that this the basis upon which we built this foundation.

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Finally, what sticks our conscience together is far greater than what may seem to divide us. The candidature of Chief Deaconess IFEOMA NWOBODO for Senate is saleable and our people can trust to do business with her any day any time.


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