By Mazi Omife I. Omife

Nobody asked questions about former Governor Obiano’s prison experience in Government House, Awka.

Nobody questioned why Obiano abandoned the Government House Awka after some years and chose to operate from the Governor’s lodge, Amawbia.

Nobody questioned why fmr Gov. Obiano later left the Governor’s lodge, Amawbia and moved and operated from the Governor’s lodge, Onitsha.

Nobody wanted to know why he later left the Governor’s lodge Onitsha to live and go to work from his Aguleri home.

Nobody wanted to know why the former governor was in such a hurry to travel to America on the very day he handed over power to his successor, without first going back to his home to celebrate his successful completion of his tenure, as all of his predecessors did.

Nobody cared to ask questions.

People started asking questions when it was late. And that was when the EFCC intercepted Obiano at Abuja airport on his way to America and non challant behaviour displayed by his close aides.

Throughout the period off hid detention by the EFCC, none of his known personal aides was there to run errands for him.

Rather they started castigating the former governor in the comfort zones of their homes, accusing him of one thing or the other, such that some people that had sympathy for him turned against him.


When Obiano was returning to Anambra State after his detention, he must have thought that his close aides who did not visit him at the EFCC office, would be busy organising a heroic welcome for him in the village.

Poor obiano. Little did he know that virtually all of his so called close aides have joined in finishing him even in his Aguleri home.

When I heard the voice notes of two or three local Aguleri women, those kind of women we call okuku Igbo calling Obiano by his first name and castigating and making mockery of him as if they were referring to their fellow village lovers, I was greatly pained at the ridiculous level Aguleri people have reduced the status and dignity of a former governor within days of his departure from office.

What kind of bush people are these?, I asked myself. The most painful part was watching some of his personal aides making mockery of themselves, not the fmr Gov. Do they think they are talking to fools? Were they even thinking at all? Where did these fools come from? How did we end up with such people piloting the political fate of Anambra State?

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No wonder the former governor was running from pillar to post all through his tenure looking for where to get comfort. I pity Obiano. Only him knows what he suffered in the hands of those aides.

They said the former governor did not treat them well. Why didn’t they resign? Did Obiano use a gun to hold them down in the government house?

Little wonder why Obiano’s wife was and still called all sorts of names by these traitors.

Nwata zoba nke ya, odi ka obu anya ukwu. It is now evident that she was trying to protect her husband.

Perhaps if not for her courage and aggressiveness, the former Governor might have been ousted out of office before his time or even killed without any trace of the killers.

I don’t want to go into details about their personal acquisitions while in government house. Story for another day.

I have the pay slip of all of them and how much they were paid officially. Where did they get money to contest Senate election, which is the highest position in the State after the governor? Where did they get the money? If it were the house of assembly, perhaps nobody will talk. Where I will seriously fault the EFCC is if it fails to probe the source of their money. Did the money fall from heaven?

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Look at Primus Odili, a man I have so much respect for and one of the closest staff among Obiano’s aides contesting against the wife of his boss.

Or the one they call Uzu contesting against a former national chairman, Senator Victor Ume. Too much wealth makes people mad and arrogant.

The task and only option before Professor Charles Soludo and APGA National Chairman, Ozonkpu Dr Victor Ike Oye is to protect the wife of the former governor by all means. No matter what happened, it will be a big embarrassment for people to hear that a former Governor Obiano’s wife failed APGA primary election in Anambra State.

My advice to all these jokers is to step down before the primaries. Failing to do so, I will take it upon myself to see that EFFC takes up their case.

I consider it a duty to our former governor to do so.



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