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Ijeoma Nneke
Late Ijeoma Nneke

On Thursday, 2nd of June 2022 there was a mild drama at Enugu State High Court when the lawyer defending the suspects in the murder of Enugu make-up artist, Ijeoma Nneke said he doesn’t believe the victim is dead

Barr. Oguejiofor Chuma the defence counsel to the accused; Ifezue Chiamaka and her brother, Ifezue Emeka, argued that if the corpse discovered in November, 2020 is that of Ijeoma, why did the police quickly bury the body, adding that “subjecting the body to examination will implicate the prosecutors.”

“The allegation was that she was poisoned and the body if examined, would had said if the victim was poisoned or not.”

In his no Case submission, Oguejiofor said the doctrine of last seen couldn’t hold water because it can’t be established if she was last seen with the accused.

But the prosecution counsel, Barrister Chigbo Chinelo argued that doctrine of last seen is holding the suspects as their house help of the suspects deposed to oath that when the deceased came to the house, the first and second defendants were in the house and that the deceased was given wine and water.

Chigbo also informed the court that a month before the incident, the 1st defendant instructed their house help to help her register a new sim card with which the victim was invited for the make up job.

She further stated that the makeup box of the victim and her phone which was used a day after was found in the defenders house. The phone was used to contact the boyfriend (Chidiebere Okpara)

The defence counsel appealed to the judge to listen to his “no case” submission and grant the defendants bail because there’s no corpse and the cause of death which they said is poisoning and pouring of acid can’t be established.

Justice K.I Okpe interjected “if you want to enter no case submission, why did you write an 80-page response” in defence of the suspects?

The prosecution counsel objected to the bail application saying that enough grounds has been established for the suspects to enter for defense and the no Case Submission holds no water.

The trial Judge adjourned the matter to 27th July, 2022 for continuation of the matter.


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