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All Progressive Grand Alliance
…Cautions voters not to grant desperate politicians access to their voter’s cards
…Vows to challenge action in Court

The attention of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in Ebonyi State, has been drawn to allegations that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in Ebonyi have now commissioned it’s agents to illegally purchase the Permanent Voters Cards of the Ebonyi electorates particularly in the rural areas.

Our very competent sources in many villages particularly in Izzi, Ebonyi North and Ezza areas in the Central parts of the State alleged that the victims who are predominantly illiterate and uninformed voters are offered from between N5, 000 to N10, 000 depending on the bargain to offer their PVCs to the APC agents.

We wish to notify the general populace and indeed all Ebonyians that allowing themselves to fall prey to the APC’s fraudulent gimmicks would amount to allowing the APC defraud and disenfranchise as many as possible especially in the many areas they are sure of most uncertain of victory.

Secondly, we wish to inform the APC that if they do not retrace their steps the law would take its course and they, and their agents, would have themselves to blame.
Subject to section 22 (a)(b) & (c) of the amended Electoral Act, the offences of buying and selling of voter’s Cards by any person who is unlawful possession of any voters card whether issued in the name of any voter or not; or sells or attempts to sell or offers to sell any voter’s card whether issued in the name of any voter or not; or buy or offers to buy any voters’ card whether on his own behalf or on behalf of any other person, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not more than five hundred thousand naira or imprisonment not more than two years or both.

We forsee a future of imprisonment for many APC leaders and their agents if they do not immediately discontinue this illegality. Having lost popularity and credibility among the Ebonyi electorates who have never voted for the Party before and will never contemplate voting them especially now that the sufferings of Ebonyians and the rest of Nigerians have been further worsened by the poor performance in all indices, we understand the uncouth desperation of the ruling Party to remain in power even if illegally.

APGA therefore implore Ebonyians to report anyone found culpable in this act to the appropriate authorities as well as to our whistleblowers spread across the state.
Ebonyians have to understand that such a fraudulent act is inimical to the growth and advancement of our democracy and will definitely truncate their resolve to elect credible and competent leaders at all levels that can offer them good and accountable leadership and governance which our Party best parades.

Already, we have written to the relevant agencies of government about such latest criminal developments and will pursue the law to the letter to ensure anyone caught in such fraudulent act is adequately punished.

Finally, we also call on the National Orientation Agency, Civil Society Organisations and bodies responsible for enlightening the electorates to live up to their duties by beaming their searchlights and enlightening the Ebonyi electorates especially in the rural areas on this recent red flag. The excitement and optimisms generated by the new Electoral reforms ahead of the 2023 general elections should not be sacrificed on the altars of some desperate politicians in Ebonyi!



Nwanchor Chibuike Nwanchor,
APGA Publicity Secretary, Ebonyi State.


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