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DSP Ikenga Tochukwu, Anambra State PPRO

Anambra State Police Command wishes to advise the reading public to disregard the misinformation being peddled in the Press by the Counsel to one Bonny Okonkwo, a criminal suspect who was arrested and detained for Criminal Defamation.

The allegation that he was arrested at the instigation of Sir Emeka Offor is pedestrian. The Police need not be instigated to do its job.

A citizen against whom a crime is committed has the right to complain to appropriate authorities and the Police is mandated by the Constitution to investigate such crime.

Due process was followed in the arrest and detention of the offender for thorough investigation. Even while in detention he persisted in his crime through the use of an electronic device until he was properly searched and denied use of the gadget.

His detention was on the order of the Court. It is therefore both legal and proper.

The public is therefore urged not to be swayed by propaganda being unleashed by his counsel to gain sympathy. In one breath he claimed his client merely criticize the complainant yet he admitted that his client published on a social media space that the Meter Manufacturing Company commissioned by the Vice President at Oraifite, an event witnessed by many dignitaries from all walks of life, was an empty warehouse decorated to deceive the people! How more destructive can an activist be?

The Police is about to conclude its investigation and the suspect will be arraigned before the Court which has the singular duty to determine guilt.

Anambra State Police Command will never infringe on the rights of the citizens but it will never shy away from bringing to account those who break the law. It will always do this in accordance with provisions of the Constitution and other relevant enactments.

DSP Tochukwu Ikenga
Police Public Relations Officer,
Anambra State Police Command,

21st January, 2024


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