The wind is blowing, with a tempest so fierce. It is fierce, but in some quarters not very noticeable, especially to the politically unaware. It is the boisterous wind of 2019 politics. While the election is slated for somewhere about a year from now, electioneering has kicked off in earnest. The election itself comes closer with every tick tock of the clock, and will be here before we knew it. Is it therefore little wonder that politicking is already at an all time high? What is going on deep beneath is better left to the imaginations.
While we all clamour for a breath of fresh air in the political space, care, and adequate care should be made in ensuring that Nsukka/Igboeze Federal constituency does not make the grave mistake that is looming. As a son of the soil, I am deeply worried that what has happened to other constituencies may well be about to happen to Nsukka/Igboeze federal constituency. There is no gainsaying the obvious that Nsukka/Igboeze Federal constituency has enjoyed very good representation for the last eleven years. It could get better, but do wise people get more by throwing away what they have learned ? Do we need to learn the hard way, all over again ? This is nothing but a political gamble to one’s hurt. Antecedents count, and are a veritable yardstick for measuring intentions and judging motives.
Younger, desperate politicians and new entrants into the political arena want a bite of the governance apple. Ready to mortgage the common good, some of them want it by all means; good, bad and ugly. They look promising, but are they? They sing sugar-coated new tunes, accompanied with no antecedents to judge them by, and with little or no experience. Greenhorns at best, if you will!
It may be pertinent to state at this juncture that the legislative arm of governance is in a way unique and peculiar. Law making, the world over requires experience, and the longer one serves in that capacity, the better lawmaker he becomes. Better lawmaking translates to quality representation which puts smile on the faces of the people. This is the norm all over the world. In the national assembly of US, there are representatives who have been there for over thirty years and counting. Why? It is about consolidation. It is about understanding the intrigues and intricacies of lawmaking. It is about lobbying in favour of your constituency. The job requires capacity.
Have you ever wondered why some representatives seem swallowed up? They are overwhelmed by the demands of the office. Some have been nothing better than bench-warmers all through their tenures. At the risk of sounding like I am blowing the trumpet of a man whose representation is visible, and deeds louder than words, in Dr. Pat Asadu we find a ranking member of the Federal House of Representatives who has grown through the ranks. This is a man whose decorum and conduct at the hallowed chambers speak for itself. He is bold, yet gentle
A vote for Dr. Pat Asadu is a vote in favour of experience over trial and error. The principle of representation states that whosoever represents you at the floor is the community at the floor. He becomes its mouthpiece. What Nsukka needs is to consolidate on the gains made so far by the quality representation of Dr. Pat Asadu. Change for only the sake of change should be discouraged by all well thinking stakeholders. The governor, His Excellency, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has served in that capacity, and thus won’t allow this grave and monumental mistake.
Is the struggle for Adada over? Who has championed it? Who will continue in the struggle? Newcomers?

Do we throw away everybody, good and bad to give way to change and usher in boys where men serve? While change remains constant, some things are better not changed. Some things are better the way they are. Change is not always good. Does this change fulfil the aspirations of the masses that have, for over eleven years enjoyed Dr. Pat Asadu’s free Medical Outreaches? Or is it a ploy by few to hijack power for personal aggrandizement? What has these ambitious politicians have in their track record to show they will do better?
And like I knew this will come up, after listening to the claims made by Dr Pat Asadu’s consultant on radio, I went to UNTH annex at Obukpa to see for myself. Half of the story was not told. In partnership with Doctors on the move Africa, major surgeries running into millions of naira was bankrolled and the burdens lifted off the shoulders of the sufferers. I saw hopes restored and life practically given back to the dead. This was beyond politics. Whoever takes over must outdo Dr. Pat Asadu, and empty promises won’t do. The people want to see what you have done. Those who wait until election to be nice are rarely really nice. A true representative of his people does not need a seat at the green chambers to make impact. Does he?
This looks like an honest quest for power to change hands. Here we go again with clannish political tendencies that do the community no good. What seems fair to the ambitious would-be representative may end up the undoing of the people. I am of the opinion that if there was a time when the voices of Parliamentarians from Nsukka extraction should get louder, it is now. The rule of competitive representation demands that we put our best foot forward and Dr. Pat Asadu remains our best foot forward for Nsukka/Igboeze Federal constituency, come 2019.

Chidera Omeje
April, 2018