APC with Adams Oshomole: A time Bomb

One need no microscope to identify the serious crack on the political wall holding APC together as a Political Party already caused by the outcome of the various concluded congresses of the party; but the singular issue that may finally seal the coffin of the party is if those forcefully pushing for the chairmanship of Adams Oshomole the immediate past Governor of Edo State succeeds in the scheme.

Oshomole is a good man and very strict on principles no doubt about that, but his chairmanship of APC at this time is a time bomb. Everybody is aware that those pushing for his candidature are not doing so for the general interest of the party but for their selfish interest haven felt under Oyegun, the outgoing chairman, that they were not given a free hand to manipulate the Party to their wishes. What this people seem not to realize is that APC is a conglomerate of varying interests and in order to for the party to succeed all the various interests must be harmonised and accomodated at every given time which is what Oyegun led National Working Committee were doing.

The time frame between now and the Party’s National convention slated for june could be a golden opportunity for the party to make the necessary corrections that would save them. APC is on the brinx of total collapse if care is not taken; if those pushing forward Oshomole are not curtailed or stopped completely.

If the APC stakeholders, both the high and the low are correctly and currently feeling the mood and pulse of the members, maybe they would understand the situation and carefully avoid the “Tsunami” that might hit the Party should those pushing Oshomole for chairmanship succeeds.

Majority of the members across the Nation are aggrieved for one reason or the other and the outcome of the various congresses have excalated the greviance in the various quarters; the only thing that can save the situation is the choice of a chairman that would be open and accessible to all interest parties. Who would be the next chairman of APC is the only miracle that can save the party.

Its is not a hidden fact that a National Leader of the Party Ashiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and his camp are the ones behind the candidature of Adams Oshomole. This group have blackmailed President Buhari into submitting to their demands and desires in controlling the Party as that is the only way they can support the Presidents reelection bid. The President looking helpless seems to be agreeing with them. This group being beclouded by their selfish interest failed to accommodate the other interests in the Party and this can only bring doom to the Party even before the election. For APC to succeed, all various interests must be carried along in the choice of the next chairman.

Other groups feeling intimidated by the Tinubu camp with the Presidents reluctant support are just silently waiting for the Party and of cause President Buhari to make the mistake by installing Oshomole then they will explode the bomb and bet me that would be the end of APC as a party.

Come to think of it, with the wealth of experience that Oshomole has acquired over the years as a former Governor, won’t it be better the President appoint him a minister in one of the serious ministries like Power or Labour or Transport, those areas that we have so much deficiencies to help rejig his administration. Instead of a mere  Party Chairman won’t ‘Osho’ be better off serving this Nation on a wider scope? Pushing the Comrade into a toothless APC chairman is a monumental waste of a great human resources. He should be given the opportunity to serve Nigeria on a higher level. Yes, he is one of the foundation pillars of the Party, but should we use the palm oil meant to eat a full chicken to eat only the tiny legs?

What the ruling Party needs at this point is somebody who is completely neutral from the interest game going on in the Party. Its a critical time for our dear APC and every effort should be made to avoid stepping on the landmines planted all around the party.

The mood of Nigerians is not in the favour of the Party at all and crowning with excalated internal rangling would be suicidal. With the Comrade as chairman the Party would be heading to the grave not even the gutters.

Consensus must be reached to accomodate all the various interests at the National convention. Somebody like Clement Ebri, a one time Governor of the old Cross River should be looked at. He has integrity, he is neutral; strong willed; experienced and above all efficient. He does not belong to any camp and he is a very good manager of people.

With Somebody like Clement Ebri, every nerves in the Party would be calmed because its sure every interest would be at ease. Ebri will receive acceptance among all the stakeholders and members alike. He is a perfect gentle and a true leader. This is the kind of consensus candidature that APC should be pursuing at this juncture.

Knowing very well that Comrade Oshomole is being projected by the Tinubu camp, how would anybody expect the Saraki camp to accept him? What about the interest of the nPDP, how are they sure of their future in the Party? And many other interests right down to the various States, Local Government Areas and Wards.

I pray that the APC stakeholders would come to their senses and do the right thing to save the situation for some of us that look up to the party to bring a good change. I pray that APC won’t come from their record breaking achievement as the first party to take over power from an incumbent President to being the shortest ever lived political party in Africa. A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

I call on the President also to please think about the mistake that is about to happen and find a way of convincing the Asiwaju camp to realize the implications attached to the Oshomole chairmanship. I believe they will see reason. Clement Ebri is very a very accommodating gentleman who will surely protect all the interests in the party in such a way that the party might survive and continue to shine. Let common sense prevail and May the Change in Leadership be a Positive Change to all members. Long Live APC.

Dr Ahmed Sani Lawal

APC North Central.