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The state chairman of Young Peoples Party has narrated how he was brutally handled by the security aids of Governor Ugwuanyi.

In a letter signed by the party Chairman himself after regaining consciousness in the hospital, he stated that his only crime was “Telling the security aids of the governor to help a pregnant woman park car as she was about jamming him”. Instead of assisting the pregnant woman, the security operatives asked him to help the woman himself.

On coming down from his car, they-Security aids descended on him.

His letter reads;

At about 2:30 to 3:00pm yesterday 25th May, while returning back to YPP State Party Secretariat at 154 Ogui Road Enugu, One side of the road inside the street was blocked by the police inside the street because the Governor visited, which i was not aware until i was told. I packed my car not too far from where the police which happens to be the Governors securites were trying to block even thou i had no problem with the place where i packed, a pregnant woman had already been forced by the police to go back but due to the woman’s pregnancy she could not turn back very well to go back, unfortunately while the woman was going back she attempted to harm my own car already packed and i immediately call on the attention of the woman to hold on, then i asked the police to help the woman as she is pregnant but they responded if he was responsible for the womans pregnancy, and they asked me to come and help, when i came down they started heating me like a criminal with their guns on my head, my mouth and eyes were like they are no longer in my body any more but the amazing thing was that people started crowding, shawting and snapping them also reminding them who they just beat, then the did has already been done and i have no choice than to close the road with the powers of the ordinary youths within the vicinity in demanding for justice.

The plea from the police to forgive were too late because there was already pandemonium. The Governor could not move any more as it called to my attention, giving honour to the State Governor, i went and the Governor asked me to join his car but i told him no, he said? AM THE CHIEF SECURITY OF THE STATE, I HAVE IMMUNITY. go and meet my aid to give you money, i feel so aszhamed of my self, like do i look like an ordinary srreet boi? what a shame instead of making an arrangement of sending me to hospital for first aid, he chooses to belittle me before the youths who joined hands to stop the brutality of his aids.

I immediately left the Governor to Ogui police station Enugu where i was told that i slumped inside S.O office Ogui police station while they where preparing a doctors report to the Enugu State CID clinic after the Parklane hospital had rejected me thinking that i was going to die with the aid of the same police men from Ogui police station Enugu.

According to the Doctor, he said that i will be going for a number of scan and xras to ascertain the real cause of the slump. He said i was brought in a state of extreme coma and lost almost one of my eye if not well treated.

I know in the proper orientation of extreme politicians that once you fail negotiation you are already an enemy, well noted.

I will keep on saying it that Enugu cannot be a one party system, there must be competition and we are ready to reunite our people, the teeming youths who lavish every day in the fore corners of our prisons full of over drowsiness and infectious diseases. We are not against one man or any body but to call the attention to all our leaders all over the country that even a gun at the neck won’t change the cause we have embarked on.

I seek good governance, nothing more nothing less and we will not back out now because we have expanded our tentacles all over the state and in the country.

Enugu State Chairman YPP


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