Details of Biafra Restoration project phase 2 by Barr. Emekesiri

This is Part 2 of my acceptance speech to provide leadership to the Biafrans who believe in our legal methodology consisting of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes. Now, I want to talk about the actions we shall take to move the Biafran Struggle forward without further delay. There are five actions we must embark upon now to move the Biafra Project forward including the following:
(1) Judicial actions
(2) Diplomatic actions (national and international diplomacy)
(3) Administrative law actions
(4) Political actions
(5) Legislative actions
I will explain these actions one by one as we progress in this speech. However, there is a point raised by somebody that ought to be examined and possibly settled first. Following the Part 1 of my acceptance speech, somebody commented as follows:
“Bikonu, we must all talk and resolve all pending issues before anyone becomes face of the struggle, first things first, if not, we will be creating more problems. SCEIPOB must first be reconstituted”.

“Barr Emekesiri is a great choice but we must get it right. We have so many unresolved issues. If not, Emekesiri will be a factional face of Biafra. That will be drawing us back. Please, Customary Government must be willing to close ranks with Biafran Shadow Government, Coalition of Pro Biafran Groups, etc. Also, Cosmas George’s Biafran Liberation Team is doing a good job of reconciling the 3 blocs of Biafra: Igbo, Akwa Cross, Coastal. Customary Government cannot go it alone.”

1.2. I believe that this person’s suggestion is good and made in good faith. It is his desire that all disagreements and unresolved issues among the Biafran activists should be settled and resolved before we move forward with the Biafra Project Phase 2 otherwise I would be a factional face of Biafra. It is good for us to preach unity and resolve all disputes and disagreements before moving forward. However, the questions that will arise now are as follows:

(1) What are the issues or disputes to be resolved before we can move forward? Is it on the issues of disagreements regarding the best method to adopt to achieve self-determination; the leader who shall give directions for others to follow; the Biafran organization that will be the umbrella organization for everyone; or the defamation of our character by those who call us rogues, fraudsters, traitors and saboteurs for using the legal methodology and political diplomacy?

(2) Who will constitute the members of the Panel of Judges to resolve the issues or disputes between the Biafran activists?

(3) Is it possible for all the Biafrans to agree on one particular methodology of self-determination and the strategies of achieving the same objective?

(4) Who will reconstitute the Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra? The first time they were constituted in 2012 into a Customary Government, many Elders of Biafraland ran away thinking that we would be arrested by the Nigerian Government. Some Biafran activists hid their fathers but later claimed to be the founders and leaders of Indigenous People of Biafra and caused confusion in the Struggle. I was later accused of single-handedly creating the Customary Government and appointing the Elders and Officers. This is why some Biafrans have refused to listen to Dr Dozie Ikedife and the Elders working with him. It may be necessary now for other people to help in reconstituting the Supreme Council of Elders and the Customary Government so that the Institutions and Structures on the ground would not be seen as the brainchild of Emeka Emekesiri.

(5) I am surprised that the Biafrans would not accept my inventive and creative ingenuity to achieve self-determination for them because of pettiness and unhealthy rivalry. The Federal Government of Nigeria accepted the socio-political and economic Formulae I created to solve national problems in oil pollution and estate surveying and valuation including the formula for the Petroleum Industry Bill. The British Authorities accepted the Valuation Formula I created to solve the problem of compensation for environmental pollution at Kent, United Kingdom, in the Suit No HQ08X05073 in the Royal Courts of Justice London in the case of Paul Barber v Southern Water Company Plc. What is really wrong with the Biafrans? The things we use today in the world such as cars, electricity, telephone, aeroplane, etc, were invented or created by human beings. It is the natural order of creation that somebody must invent or create something for the benefit of humanity. If God has used me to create a legal and socio-political formula for self- determination, why are the Biafrans kicking against it? This is the same problem that made some of us to leave Africa and settle in Europe and America where our skills are appreciated. They call it brain-drain.

(6) The use of the Customary Law and Political Movement called MOBIN to achieve self-determination is legitimate under both national and international law. In fact, I did not create Customary Law. The only thing I created was how to apply Customary Law as an existing law protected by the Nigerian Constitution to pursue the right to self-determination. The greatest problem for the Biafrans now is organizational problem. If the Biafrans fail to use these structures on the ground to organize themselves as a people seeking for independence, they should hold themselves to blame for either their foolishness or pettiness or rivalry.

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(7) How long shall we wait until we resolve all the cases, issues and disagreements among the Biafrans before we can move forward? In my opinion, I consider it very good for us to preach unity and resolve all disputes before moving forward but the problem is the practicability at this moment. The truth is that 95.2% of the Biafrans living in Nigeria are united in purpose in the pursuit of Biafra independence by different methods as shown by the statistical survey contained at Page 300 of my book, Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want. Unity of purpose is the answer and not unity of methods. I have said that our splits and divisions are good and a blessing in disguise and cited the example of the great Apostles Paul and Barnabas who were called and ordained by God to work as a team in their ministry but later separated by sharp disagreements over logistics; each one of them took a different route preaching the same gospel of Jesus Christ and believing in the same Lord and Saviour without attacking the other personally.

Barr. Emekesiri The Leader of Biafra Project Phase two

2.2 I do not think that mechanical unity will help the Biafrans to achieve self-determination. We should preach unity in diversity rather than mechanical unity otherwise Biafra would be worse than Nigeria which is suffering from the effects of mechanical unity by which all the ethnic nationalities are forced to be united. Unity by force is slavery and deprivation of freedom of conscience and freedom of thought. The spiritual law cannot be broken which states that two cannot work together except their minds and spirits are in agreement.

2.3 However, in order not to sound too pessimistic and be accused of lack of faith, it is possible that the person who made the suggestion of resolving all disputes and disagreements before we can move forward may have the practical knowledge of how to resolve the disputes. I therefore suggest that he should take up the assignment and gather the members of the Panel of Judges to resolve the disputes. The resolution of the disputes can still go ahead while different groups continue with their programmes. We shall not remain static or stagnant waiting for all disagreements to be resolved but shall continue to organize our programmes for those who believe in the legal methodology and political diplomacy without insulting or abusing anybody. We have made it clear that we believe in the politics of Biafra and diplomacy at both national and international levels and shall continue politicking for Biafra using our platform, MOBIN.

2.4 I am not qualified to be a member of the Panel of Judges or qualified to gather the Judges together because I am one of those accused of being a rogue and a fraudster for using the legal methodology. An accused person cannot be a judge in his own matter, nemo judex in causa sua (No person can be a judge in his own cause).

2.5 Love and Forgiveness: In my opinion, what the Biafrans need is love and forgiveness towards one another and not to start apportioning blames on one another. I believe that those who turned the Biafran movement into business enterprises for themselves and their families or used falsehood and lying propaganda to promote themselves and destroy others did so out of ignorance. Those who wrote petition to the Federal Government of Nigeria and to the Federal High Court to arrest me and prosecute me for perjury and revoke the certificate of Bilie Human Rights Initiative and strike out the case between Biafra and Nigeria on the allegation that I deceived the Nigerian Government and registered a secessionist movement disguised as a human rights organization did so out of ignorance. Those who deceived Brig Gen Joe Achuzia and HRM Eze Nwokenna to sign a letter and send to the Federal High Court that I should no longer be the lawyer to lead the Biafrans in the struggle for self-determination by legal methodology did so out of ignorance.

2.6 The truth is that all the attacks against me, or against Dr Dozie Ikedife, against Chief Nnia Nwodo, against the Elders, or against any other person in the Struggle were actually attacks against the Biafra struggle itself. It is the Biafran struggle that has suffered a setback and not I or any other person attacked. Therefore, I have forgiven everybody who offended me in any way. It is a divine command that we must forgive those who offend us otherwise God would not forgive our own sins. To those who accused me of pride and arrogance and dominating the Biafran struggle by legal methodology, always saying “I” instead of “we”, I apologise for any iota or scintilla of arrogance that I might have exhibited while I had the conduct of the case between Biafra and Nigeria in the Federal High Court, though the case was my brainchild and financed by me. However, I stand with boldness and clear conscience before God and men holding my head high to declare that I have never defrauded any person or deceived any person or used the Biafran struggle to make money for myself but rather I have used my own resources to fight for the Biafrans.

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herefore, instead of gathering a Panel of Judges to commence dispute resolution among the Biafran activists, let us forgive one another and move forward, knowing that God is a righteous Judge who will judge and reward everybody according to the person’s works.


3.1 I have said that the splits and disagreements among the Biafrans are blessings in disguise. I maintain this opinion knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God who are the called according to his purpose, Rom 8: 28. In my assessment, this movement to liberate the Biafrans is more of a spiritual ministry than a socio- political movement. It is a spiritual principle that two cannot work together except their minds and spirits are in agreement, Amos 3: 3. My advice therefore is that those who believe in any particular methodology should go ahead with their methodology working with one mind but not to abuse, insult or attack others or constitute obstacle to the others. To wait until all disagreements are resolved will slow down our Movement.

3.2 Another problem is that there are some leaders of pro-Biafra groups who will never agree to be united under one umbrella because of the money they make from the Biafran struggle and the power they wield over their followers. They are in cahoots with some lawyers and Policemen and Pressmen who feed from the Biafran struggle. Some of the pro-Biafran leaders have no jobs or means of livelihood except Biafra. They send out their followers on the streets and arrange with the policemen to effect arrests. The more the Biafrans are arrested, detained or killed, the more money they get from the donations and contributions from the Biafran sympathisers all over the world.

3.3 I asked a Pressman who I met at Enugu why they do not publish the news of the activities of the IPOB under the Elders, he said it is because we do not give them money and our members do not confront the Government authorities with abuses, insults and threats that can generate sensational news for marketing. This made me to understand that even the Pressmen prefer the protests, insults, threats and confrontational approach that generate sensational news so that they can sell their newspapers. If I preach that they should follow our due process methodology, they may attack me for pouring sand into their  garri. We must appreciate the fact that there are some pro-Biafran leaders and their sponsors who are in this Struggle with ulterior motives just like some ministers of God have turned the church into business empire, making merchandise of the flocks. Therefore, I must not interfere with their Biafran business enterprise.

3.4 The person who made the suggestion of resolving all issues and disagreements before we go forward said he would not want me to be a factional face of Biafra. The reality is that in every struggle for freedom, there are factions always. At the moment, I represent the face of the IPOB Biafran Project by legal methodology consisting of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes. This is the IPOB established in 2012 by the Elders. You can describe us as the Original IPOB or IPOB of the Elders or IPOB Legal or IPOB Customary Government. We are the IPOB that runs a Customary Government and believes in the politics of Biafra, engaged with the Nigerian and British Governments in judicial and diplomatic matters. From our experience, we know that disagreements do not last forever in matters of ideological beliefs. A person who does not agree with you today may agree with you in future if he keeps his mind open and teachable and willing to learn. After all, Saul of Tarsus who vehemently opposed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and massacred the Christians later became Apostle Paul the greatest preacher of the Faith he tried to destroy. Some of those who fought against our legal methodology and political diplomacy may be converted to our side in future. Therefore, let those who believe in any particular methodology of achieving Biafra continue with their methodology without attacking others as all the routes lead to one destination- BIAFRA.


The five actions listed above shall be carried out simultaneously as much as possible depending on availability of funds, namely: (1) Judicial actions; (2) Diplomatic actions (national and international diplomacy); (3) Administrative law actions; (4) Political actions; and (5) Legislative actions


(a) Action for Referendum in the International Court compelling the Federal Government of Nigeria to perform its obligations pursuant to:

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(i) Statutory obligations placed on the Federal Republic of Nigeria (the particular statute and the relevant sections of the statute will not be disclosed here);

(ii) Action grounded on estoppel arising from the Nigerian Government’s obligations to the Biafrans pursuant to the directive given to them by President Muhammadu Buhari on the Al Jazeera interview to organize themselves and vote to have a State within a State.

(a) Recognition of the Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra by a Legal Instrument under national and international law.

(b) Activating the customary law taxation by a Legal Instrument under national and international law.

(c) Creating the Customary Arbitration Tribunal (CAT) by a Legal Instrument under national and international law to resolve disputes among the Biafrans with an arbitration clause constituting a pre-action protocol before any Biafran can take a matter against another Biafran to the civil courts in Nigeria or other countries.

(d) Organizing the Biafrans as a people with a National Database showing their indigenous identity and providing empirical evidence of their population as required by international law for a people desiring independence.

(e) Organizing the Biafrans as a governable people by the mechanism of their Town Hall meetings under customary international law in all countries of the world where they reside.

(f) Unity in Diversity: Uniting all the Biafrans and Biafran organizations to pursue the same goal of self-determination by different lawful approaches using the strategy of octopal hocus-pocus to confuse our enemies and achieve self-determination by the principle of unity in diversity.

NOTE: Urgent Call for Workers:
We shall continue with other issues later. It is necessary at this moment to constitute the work force that will drive the Biafra Project Phase 2. All the Biafran activists who believe in the legal methodology of self-determination consisting of the judicial, political and diplomatic processes are requested to get involved now. We require the following experts and areas of expertise:

1. Competent coordinators of IPOB Town Hall Meetings in all cities or towns

2. Public Relations experts and lobbyists

3. Experts in Government and Public Administration

4. Media practitioners (audio, visual, print media, social media, bloggers, etc)

5. Cartoonists, artists, musicians, pamphleteers, etc.

6. Human rights lawyers, experts in Law and Diplomacy, Policy and Strategies

7. IT practitioners (Information Technology)

8. Security and Intelligence experts

9. Business development consultants, investment experts and financiers

10.Dispute Resolution practitioners (lawyers, arbitrators, negotiators or mediators)

Our Customary Government is a legitimate government which has made representations to some powerful nations of the world. Though the Customary Government is not yet sovereign, it is a recognised institution in both national and international law.

It is an Institution designed to organise the Biafrans as a people seeking for independence. The IPOB Customary Government Agency is registered with the UN for international relations.

The Biafra Project Phase 2 is designed to function fully as a non-sovereign government until we achieve self-determination starting with Regional Government of Biafra. The Customary Government shall pay its workers reasonable wages, salaries or allowances just like every other government pays its workers. The details of their remunerations will be contained in their letters of appointment.

The Biafran Independence Project must now be handled professionally. We shall consider experience and pedigree of the applicants and not mere paper qualifications. If you are qualified and experienced in any of the fields, and interested in working for the IPOB Customary Government in any capacity, please send your application with your comprehensive CV by email addressed to the Chairman through the following address:; or;

As a matter of extreme urgency, we need capable and qualified leaders immediately who will coordinate the IPOB Town Hall Meetings in all cities and countries of the world. Due diligence checks shall be carried out on them and their personal details shall be sent to the Governments of the countries where they live including the Nigerian Government for their recognition. We cannot be in hiding but must engage with the governments face to face. Any person who desires to work for our Customary Government must be a man or woman of proven integrity.

In the meantime, we shall continue to render free services to the Biafran Struggle using our personal resources and any helps we can receive from friends and well-wishers until the re-organization of the movement is completed. Any person who is willing to help us with finances should visit our website at and make his or her donations.

Emeka Emekesiri, Esq.                                                                                                                                    Chairman IPOB Biafra Project