Was INEC right in declaring Osun election inconclusive? Dr. Amadi Speaks

As the debate over the decision of INEC to declare Osun Governorship Election inconclusive,   

Dr. Amadi Chima, an election independent monitorer with over 20 years experience and the leader of CTA observer group have come out to put the debate in the right perspective giving various reasons and instances why the decision of the commission might not be totally out of place.

Dr. Amadi said In 2015, elections were declared inconclusive in Bayelsa.Why? The APC had manufactured numbers which were out of this world. If @inecnigeria had declared the results, Seriake Dickson would not have been a governor. The APC insisted that the results be announced but INEC refused.

In that elections, the margin was over 150,000. In Kogi, the APC was leading in the initial poll before Audu died. They insisted that the results be announced,@inecnigeria under Mahmood Yakubu still refused . The margin then was huge, but the PDP had the chance to upturn it.

Why should we then insist on announcing a result of so small margins. All day I had been shouting, WATCH the cancelled votes.What happened was clear, a party noticed that it was losing to the PDP & orchestrated the snatching of ballot boxes to create this situation.

Be that as it may, and as much as I want my party to emerge victorious,the law is the law.U cannot declare a winner when the legal requirements necessary for that 2 happen has not been met.We will still return here in a few years, something that could have been avoided by just doing the right thing.

We cannot continue to waste money in litigation and re-run elections Cos we want political expediency and political & political correctness to take the place of due process and legality. This election remains the best thus far and no amount of spin will change That fact .

The PDP should not be deterred Cos these pollling units are winnable and within its grasp. There is no cause for alarm. Adeleke put up a brave fight and will be rewarded Dr. Amadi explained