VIDEO: Bride price should be scrapped in igboland- Chimamanda Adichie

Nigerian Writer and Feminist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has said paying of bride price should be scrapped.

The multiple award winning author said this during a pep talk in Lagos with some of her fans on Saturday evening, titled: “An Evening with Chimamanda”

Ms Adichie, who talked a lot about the role of a woman, said: “I think we should get rid of the whole idea of money in marriage, it ruins things. We are not selling anybody”

“When I got married, I felt very conflicted about the payment of bride price. And my father, a very lovely man said he didn’t want any money because we were not selling anybody. Instead he asked for something symbolic.

And so he asked for 1 Kobo because of it’s symbolism. I think bride price should be scrapped from our culture,” she said. Watch the video below;




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