The just concluded Presidential primaries of the leading opposition party, PDP has come under a serious condemnation by the leading APC saying the process was heavily monetized.

In a swift reaction, the spokesman of the PDP said the accusation from the APC is baseless and a “defeatist approach” showing that the leading APC and Buhari is scared of the man Atiku.

The statement went further to say that the attempt to smear the image of Atiku, the party’s presidential candidate will fail as Nigerians are now wiser and knows what they want.

The full statement reads:

“This is just a new attempt at smear campaign with spurious allegations against our presidential candidate; a defeatist approach that shows that the APC and the Buhari Presidency are afraid of the Atiku candidacy and have reached their wits end, well ahead of the elections.

“The claims, by APC, of vote-buying at our national convention, is therefore, not only false but completely unfounded and symptomatic of a party that has totally lost bearing and now engaged in rumour mongering.”

The APC in a statement on Monday had said the candidate of the APC lacked good antecedents, warning that the presidency is not for sale.

Mocking the APC, the opposition party said unlike it which conducted a primary viewed worldwide with free and fair votes, the APC conducted a non-contested convention in which it declared President Buhari “winner” with over 14 million “fictitious” votes.

“in their desperation, they forgot that “winning” as a word connotes contest. Strangely, the APC declared a candidate as having won when there was never a contest – a charade by a deceptive party with duplicitous leaders!” the party said.

Alleging the APC is suffering from a pre-defeat trauma, it cautioned the party and its presidential candidate, who it said has failed the nation, to steer clear of its party and get ready for issue-based campaign ahead of the 2019 elections as its attempt to smear campaign against its candidate will fail.

“It is instructive to state that their attempt at smear campaign against our candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, will fail as Nigerians are interested only in the candidate that can make a turn around of the ugly situation Buhari Presidency has sunk us.”


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