You must have heard, the CAF President Ahmed visited the Cameroonian President through a meeting made possible by Eto, and assured Paul Biya that the 2019 CAF African Nations Cup will still be hosted by Cameroon.

Against the background of ethnic cleansing and genocide going on in Cameroon, that will tell you how insensitive the CAF leadership are to the plights of the very people, they want to take football development to.

With this action, one can clearly see that CAF is all after pleasing the powers that be, they think less of the human factor. To them it doesn’t matter.

CAF is going to Cameroon against the background of the State brutality against the people of the English speaking South Cameroonians, where over 1,000 to 2,000 individuals has been killed and over 200 security personnel confirmed killed.

CAF is going to Cameroon where villages in Southern Cameroon has been sacked forcing them to flee, with over 50,000 Cameroonian refugees in Cross Rivers State of Nigeria.

In a country, where armed soldiers are moving from house to house, combing villages, burning settlements and murdering innocent souls, that’s where amongst over 50 other African States, that CAF in their insensitive and heartlessness to human plights and cries, chose to take the highest African Nations football competition to.

You must have seen the video, that enraged the world? It’s the video of the hell President Paul Biya has turned Cameroon to. It’s a video of Paul Biya soldiers leading a nursing mother who was carrying her innocent child and some other children to a site, where they cold blooded murdered them all with gun shots. It’s one of the most ugliest site the human race has ever witnessed. The level of beastality that happened in this video, is but, a single example of what has been happening in the entire South of Cameroon. And, it’s these ugly images that Paul Biya wants to suppress, and he finds a willingly tool on CAF executives. They want to drag Africans and the world to the other side of Cameroon, party, celebrate, show us beautiful cities, while in the real sense of it, some parts of Cameroon is bleeding, dying, deserted, with helpless children, old people, sick people and peasant farmers crying in pains, suffering and dying in agony.

The reports are everywhere, Amnesty International has condemned most of these drastic killings, but CAF and her heartless, insensitive and soulless executives, on the pretence that they’re not aware, are taking the African Nations Championship to Cameroon.

It’s all about football, so even if it means playing it on the graves of the murdered innocent souls of Southern Cameroonians, CAF doesn’t mind.

CAF is heading to Cameroon to help the Cameroonian leaders to tell a lie about the killings that are going on in Southern Cameroon.

Fortunately, CAF is going to drag MTN, GLO and other sponsors alongside to Cameroon. That means indirectly, as a result of the very few people we trusted to run football in Africa, we are going to be forced to soil our hands with blood, because it’s our daily patronage of these services and products that is contributing to the sponsorship of the CAF Cameroon 2019.

CAF should be a unifying factor, a strong organization that will force nations that wants to host her competitions to rest Human Rights and go extra miles in putting her house in order. But, rather, this present CAF executives has turned to an instrument being used to suppress the truth about cold blooded murder of orphans, children, chilling killing of nursing mothers, attacks on hospitals, markets, closing of schools and ransacking villages and communities and forcing over 50,000 Cameroonian refugees to flee their country. These are what MTN and GLO are going to use our money to sponsor in Cameroon next year.

As far as CAF officials are comfortable, lodged in comfortable hotels, provided with foods, drinks, security and off course, beautiful Cameroonian women for those who care. Then, the rest of South Cameroonian people can go to blazes. They can die, every village and communities ransacked and the able men murdered, for all they care.

That’s how insensitive, crude, heartless and cruel these CAF executives are. That’s why against the background of these already well established facts, which information is known to them, CAF executives, counting on their personal benefits are heartlessly drag the world to Cameroon. All just to help Paul Biya tell the world lies about the actual events, circumstances and situations in Cameroon.
All of you CAF executives that sees evil and still pretentiously behaves like it doesn’t exist, shall have evil knocking on your doors. The agony, cries and lamentations of the innocent bloods being shed at every corner of the land that you want to go and dance, party and celebrate, when the people are in deep agony, will hunt for you.

What is happening in Libya is happening in Southern Cameroon, with Boko Haram ravaging some parts of Northern Cameroon. But CAF is sensitive enough to take the home matches involving the Libyian National Team for this same CAF Nations Cup to neighbuoring peaceful Northern African states. But because of powerful lobbying from Cameroon and the influence of Samuel Eto, CAF executives has become insensitive to the killings that is going on at Southern Cameroon.

As it stands now, it’s even difficult and very risky to access Cameroon by land from the Southern part. The cost by air is so exuberant, that means cutting off so many nations that can only access Cameroon through the Southern part. All these will tell you that these CAF officials, using their offices that they’re simply holding on public trust, are heading to Cameroon, not to satisfy football fans, but their ego, selfishness and perhaps, pockets. I don’t know why Africa is cursed in terms of good leadership. Always having at the position of authority, individuals that all that matters to them, is their individual selfishness.
Count me out of CAF Cameroon 2019. Human life is far more important to me than football.