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The directive by president Buhari to place some Nigerians under surveillance is not going down well with the Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP,   hence the coalition has come out to condemn the full implementation of Executive Order 6.

The spokesman of CUPP, Imo Ugochinyere, in a statement on Saturday, condemned the listing 50 Nigerians for travel restriction and seizing of their properties worth over N50m and above.

According to the coalition, they are confident that the Court of Appeal will deal a decisive blow on the Order and consign it to the dustbin of history.

Ugochinyere said: “Recall that the CUPP had warned Nigerians that a desperate President Buhari realizing that he has already lost the favour of Nigerians will bare his tyrannical fangs and intimidate opposition.

“Key opposition leaders who are part of the international negotiation team are all on the list while some business men who rightly support the ouster of this government owing to the bad policies, which have stifled their businesses are also listed just to finally kill their businesses and stop them from supporting the Patriotic effort to rescue our country.

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“The action of the President is nothing but a another futile attempt by the Presidency to muscle the opposition and deny them of the required funds for the election but this is coming too late in time as Nigerian electorate are already fully mobilized and ready to punish bad governance with their votes.

“President Buhari cannot survive the electoral anger of Nigerians and his desperation will only cause him to sink deeper into the abyss of opprobrium and hasten his final disgrace from office within the ambit of the law.”


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