Biafrans all over the world are sending daily messages to Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor who is Biafrans candidate for Anambra central senatorial position in 2019 general election. Obumneke Ejimnkeonye Okafor is running on the platform of National Conscience Party (NCP).

The candidate thanked Biafrans for their endorsement and for their promises to support him in all areas when campaign starts. He reconfirmed that he is contesting in 2019 general election as the voice of freedom and that he will move motion for granting regional autonomy to indigenous nationalities in Nigeria or granting them independent republics.

Calls and messages came mostly from Biafrans in Nigeria, UK, USA, Germany and Asian nations. Biafrans expressed their support for legal methodology which is a peaceful strategy that involves political, judicial and diplomatic processes.

One of the callers from Germany appealed that social security bill for physically and medically challenged persons should be presented in senate and passed for benefits of the deaf, dumb, crippled, mentally challenged, blind, etc in Alaigbo and beyond. He was informed that our eyes are on main goal which is freedom via regional autonomy and that the humanitarian assignment shall be considered as second agenda.

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Signed: Biafrans in Politics


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