2015 is still fresh in our individual memory. The promises of change, the hopes, the expectations. All on APC political table. Very fresh in our memories are the The Dino Melaye T-shirt which scored Jonathan F9 in all conceivable subjects. Even paid undertakers lifted a coffin of a living President. Or the the gang-up of satanic men that called Obasanjo Navigator. That was the political minefield. Dino, Saraki, Tinubu, Okorocha, kwakwanso, Oshiomole, Ezekwesili, etc formed this vanguard.

From the Clergy and the Pentecostal rained abuses. This was after collecting huge financial deposits from APC’s leprous fingers. That was when ordinary perception turned to prophecy and extractive shrines became oracles of God. Bakare, Mbaka, Okotie formed this triumvirate.

Wole Soyinka was the worst. All thanks to Amaechi who facilitated the “Ghana Must Go”
And for calling Jonathan’s amiable wife “hippopotamus” the man in him died.

That was the time when trouble was sleeping and the children of men woke him up … stirring the hornest’s nest. A maggot-infested firewood.

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It was never patriotism that was their drive but fear of Igbo-Biafra Nationalism. Unfortunately, the misguided Igbos in their midst turned to biblical Cain. Nigeria is now a Fulani inheritance, no thanks to Britain. And let me say that the Yoruba will come out worst. It’s still morning on the creation day.

Buhari got imprisoned by Babangida, Buhari suffered numerous setbacks under Obasanjo, Buhari is on a mortal mission on Islamism … South being the target. To Islamism Yoruba is gleam, to try Biafra is a pipe dream. Middle Belt is already gone. But mark it, Buhari will fulfill his dream but Igbo shall be his Achilles heel.

Today, the monster they installed is on the prowl, let loose by soldiers of nemesis. There shall be no escape. Not even for fearful Obasanjo. Osinbajo is dying in silence, daily shown a pistol, should he complain or explain. Revenge is Buhari’s other name.

Onoghen is rather seen as a square peg beyond the February poll expectations who would not turn the apple chart. He must be sacrificed. Make more noise about it. But in all, the outcome shall be punishment for the mentioned above, a requiem for Buhari.

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Everything works for a purpose, to those that understand. That all shall reap what they cultivated. Widows and orphans in our midst still cry amidst comparative plenty. Into poverty and want, our people wallow. And the politicians care not. Now that Buhari they imposed on Nigeria is on point, why do these idiots cry.

Jonathan was not good in security. He failed in economy. He was a disaster, so they said, in freedom of speech and association. Patience warned them. And Jonathan looked at his friends and said “I hand over to your choice” Who now weeps. I would advise Onoghen to accept resignation. Noise by Niger Delta militants will soon die down as usual.

My joy is that Nigerians are enjoying their loot. But in the calm resort during the hereafter, Tinubu, Oshiomole, Amaechi, Obasanjo, will say, “I never knew” And to Biafras, know that certain disasters sometimes lead to fortune. This one of such. Gird your loins. For the hour has come to cross the Red Sea.

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I now address Chief, Dr. R. Uwazuruike, it’s not for nothing that Google and Wikipedia address you as President. Gather your people for eventual homecoming. God bless Buhari.

Ikenna Obibi Egeonu is of the Voice of Biafra International and the Biafra Broadcasting Authority.


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