By Chukwuemeka Chimerue

THE Indigenous People of Biafra Government, IPOBG, led by Uchenna Asiegbu, the Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, headed by Princewill Richard and Dokubo-Asari’s Ijaw Peoples Movement, IPM, were top among ten pro-Biafra groups and cultural organizations which has formed a coalition in their bid to forge a common and united front in the pursuit for Biafra nationhood, our correspondent has learnt.

It was impeccably gathered that the new coalition council formed under the aegis of Biafra National Council, BNC, also adopted international diplomacy, securing a power of attorney and self-defence mechanisms as their road map which constituted part of their Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, signed by the parties at the coalition.

According to the MoU, the parties explained that the Biafra National Council as “a body of coalition of social-cultural, apolitical, pro-independence groups, were coming together to speak with one tongue and pursue the sole interest and purposes of the Biafra people seeking her self-determination from the Nigeria state.”

The pro-Biafra groups enumerated the lack of unity, personal aggrandizement, the complex and peculiar nature of the Nigerian state, among other reasons, as the factors that necessitated the coalition, adding that the move was not to promote the interest of any individual nor to compete with other organizations but to pursue the collective aspirations of the people.

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Confirming the successful alliance, IPOBG’s spokesperson, Charles Ogboru in a statement issued on Monday said the group believed the coalition for the unity of purpose was for the best interest of the people seeking for freedom.

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According to Ogboru, “the struggle for the emancipation and self-determination of the Peoples of Biafra has become complex due to the peculiar and difficult nature of the failed Nigeria state and becoming blink in the face of disunity amongst the pro-Independence groups agitating for Biafra.

“Countless attempts to unite all pro-independence groups proved abortive due to attitudes perceived to be “We Know it All” and personal aggrandizement from these Individuals who lord themselves as the Messiah. These fellows in their deep greed and an insatiable appetite for money has caused thousands of our citizenry to death and so many with permanent disabilities.

“Today marks another historic day for Biafra as over Ten (10) pro-Independence and social-cultural groups have deemed it fit to form an alliance under the banner of Biafra National Council. Forming a coalition group to champion the freedom, we believe that it is the best for the struggle, as we know that only the unity of purpose amongst all groups shall restore the Freedom of the Biafra Nation.

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“Biafra National Council has the mandated authority to speak and pursue the interest and purposes of the Biafra peoples seeking the absolute Independence of the Biafra Nation.”

Also, on its part, the Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, through its Chief Press Secretary, Comrade Kufre Obot, said the group believes in unity, togetherness and team work.

“The struggle for independence of our land has taken a new dimension following the coming together of strategists, planners and executors in a new coalition of pro-independence, Socio-cultural and apolitical groups known as the Biafra National Council, BNC.

“We at the Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, are part of this process which began a month ago, we believe in unity, togetherness and teamwork because we are neither self-centered nor self styled Organization.

“We also wish to make known that we are not joining forces against any gathering of Biafran faithful so far we are heading towards the same direction, we see this new Coalition as Talk and Do, and because we want things to be in the right direction that we accepted to form a united national front with other groups in the interest of the struggle.

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“Our purpose is not to promote any individual, and it is not to compete with any Organisation, rather to project the struggle and draw a new line of action, we promise our members and followers truth and sincerity and that is why we will not hesitate to make our stand known to Biafrans if this BNC Coalition fails like others has been failing,” BNYL asserted.

Other groups and organizations which formed part of the coalition were; Comrade Osita’s Salvation Peoples Biafra, SPB, Dr. S.C Ajah’s Biafra Revolutionary Organization, BRO, Mr Ikenwa’s Biafra United Liberation Council, BLC, Dr. G.C. Nwachukwu’s Biafra Sovereign State Agitators, BSSA, Chief Princewill Onyema’s Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra, Mr. Dennis Daboikiabo’s Niger Delta People Salvation Front, NDPSF, and Mr. Atiemie Boma Princewill’s Kalabari National Assembly, KNA.


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