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There’s some level of hypocrisy l don’t get in this country. You gave Kogi State N10b not a single Kogi citizen was called, talkless of northern leaders. You released N10b to repair a federal property in Enugu State, Igbo leaders and governors were invited to make a show of it.

As good as approving the funds to repair the Akanu Ibiam International Airport Runway may be, gathering Igbo leaders for it shows you how deep Igbos has lost her pride of place in Nigeria, under the APC lead Buhari government.

I recently traveled through the New Port Harcourt International Airport, it’s a state of the art facility, compare to our standard in Nigeria anyway. How many Rivers State leaders were gathered before it was built?Not to talk of South South leaders.

The Kaduna land port was recently commissioned, how many northern leaders were gathered for that?

Calling together Igbo leaders to make a show of N10b Federal government property in Enugu is just simply saying, be my witness, upon the fact your people don’t like me, am still doing good things to your people.

How many northern leaders were gathered before approval was made for the renovated Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja?

Can we go through the budget and see billions upon billions budgeted for capital project across the nation? These are projects outside East. How many of their leaders were gathered before approval was made for those projects?

I just don’t get it.

The 5 South East States through oil in Abia, Imo and Anambra and through VAT and other taxes contributes far more than what they get from the national purse.

Look at Kano alone, with her local council, federal house members, land space and population, they get so much federal allocation compared to the 5 Igbo states put together. But look at the electricity bills for instance, whereas, Enugu Disco, the allowed end-user tariffs for 2019, 2020 and 2021 per kWh are N35.3, N45.9 and N41.6, respectively.

Enugu Disco has been allocated 3,513GWh. Still based on the established method of calculation, consumers of the power firm will pay about N152.1bn in 2020.

The Kaduna Disco, the end-user allowed tariffs for 2019, 2020 and 2019 per kWh, as captured by NERC, are N30.3, N39.3 and N41.7 respectively. This power firm will get 3,123GWh of energy next year and its customers will pay about N119.6bn in 2020, based on the established findings and calculations.

Also, for Kano Disco, the end-user tariffs from N30.1/kWh in 2019 to N44.7/kWh in 2020 and N41.8/kWh in 2021. Kano Disco has been allocated 3,123GWh of energy next year and customers here will pay about N118.98bn for electricity in 2020, based on the established methods of calculation.

If you put the population and landmass of Kaduna zone it will amaze you. Same with Kano. Their outputs, taxes and contributions are always lower, but they always get the bigger chunk of the federal resources.

Once it comes to sharing money, they use population, landmass and every other thing that’s in their advantage. But when it comes to taxes we contribute more.

So, to gather Igbo leaders to see Mr. President over a N10b runaway repairs at Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu is just to make a clear statement. Am doing you people a great favour. No one was called before N10b extra budgetary allocation was made to Kogi State, simply because it’s their right.

I cry for my people!


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