Seriake Dickson

Gov. Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa state has reacted to the recent photos of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and APC governors that flooded the internet after the defeat of PDP in the just concluded Bayelsa election.

Gov. Dickson while speaking to news men described Jonathan as a leader and a Boss who has helped him in life.

“Jonathan remains my oga and I respect him, but there are lots of efforts by certain interest to create a rift between us, there is no politician that has been there for the former president than me.

“He has also helped me but it is unfortunate that I am being misconstrued in this matter of the election, I tried to meet Jonathan for 16 times and he opted to support a candidate that does not wish me well,” he said.

He said that Jonathan is free to receive dignitaries that comes into the state irrespective of Party affiliation.

He accused the APC of using the Image of the former president to perpetrate Electoral fraud in the election.

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“It is strategic for APC leaders to use Jonathan to legitimise the illegitimacy that happened on Saturday,” Dickson said.

“Like Pontius Pilate, they are preparing a window by which they will wash of their hands strategically, and put it at his door step, that he endorsed it, he sanctioned it, he legitimized it,” he added.


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