What happened at Imo State is a forerunner to what will happen at the next Anambra governorship election.

Since our votes don’t count as the Supreme Court Tanko magic has made the 4th to become the first. With this new mathematical innovation, stepping out to stand under rain and sun to vote is a waste.

Let me package my ego and quietly stock it in my bag and step out boldly to render an apology to IPOB.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was right and we were wrong. Boycotting that election could have been the best option, because all our efforts to vote has been turned into a waste.

Let’s start the Anambra election boycott campaign now! Our votes has become a stamp to legalize illegality. Buhari should be allowed to handpick Obiano’s replacement, our participation in elections is helping him to cover his dictatorial atrocities against the democratic and civil norms that governs a civilized society.

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We all made Hope possible in Imo State by going out to vote and giving a picture of democracy to the world. First fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish.


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