Abia COVID-19

People need hand sanitizers, they need face masks, soaps and detergents. But these are needed only for when they go out and make contacts with other people, yet these things do not even give a 100% guarantee they won’t be infected.

Coronavirus can live for hours on your clothes, shoes etc and when we sanitize our hands we don’t sanitize those ones. Again, in between the times you sanitize your hands, you may be carried away and stick a finger into your eyes, nose or mouth.

So now hear me out, the most important things people need now is to stay at home and to stay at home they need money, they need food, they need water, they need the TV and anything else that makes home “stay-able”.

So instead of Govts, NGOs, Churches and Philanthropists investing millions on these things, please invest in what will make people stay home with ease and those food, water etc.

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The best way to stop this Covid-19 from spreading is to get people comfortable staying at home. The vast majority of Nigerians work daily to make their daily bread. The construction day jobbers, the truck pushers, petty traders, mechanics, carpenters, artisans etc. With the stay at home order how will they survive? What will their families eat, how will they buy water, what will keep them busy at home.

I believe some politicians (some of us can be horrible) and civil servants in the health sectors are making millions now in the name of this Covid 19 fight. For a whole lot of them this misfortune will make them millionaires if not billionaires.

What am I trying to say, all our efforts will amount to nothing if we don’t get people to stay at home comfortably. Let’s look in this direction. May God keep every one of us safe till this turbulence and illwind passes by.


Rt. Hon. Chima E. Obieze esq
Member, Representing Ezeagu Constituency in Enugu HoA


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