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…Warns Them Against Entering Biafraland

Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has rejected the move by the Nigerian government to deploy Chinese medical doctors in the country to render medical assistance in the fight against the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic, saying they should not venture into the South East and South South region.

It was earlier reported that some medical doctors from China arrived the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja with their medical paraphernalia to assist Nigerian medical personnel as ordered by the Federal government.

This is despite opposition by the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA and other concerned stakeholders in the medical field.

Speaking on the development, however, MASSOB issued a warning to the Chinese government, telling her to “limit their hypocritical medical services to Arewa and Oduduwa land where COVID-19 is arranged to be affective.”

The warning issued by MASSOB’s leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, stated that the pro-Biafra group “understood that in the desperation of President Buhari, his fulanistic cabals and Arab backed islamic religious fundamentalist to islamize the state of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari have sold the economic sovereignty of Nigeria to China.

“His desire to establish a permanent homeland for his wandering Fulani tribe scattered in West Africa and using his office of the commander-in-chief of Nigeria state and president to solidify a new Chinese colonization of the Nigeria state that will always promote, protect and advance the economic, political and religious interest and advancement of Fulani tribe in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari is gradually diffusing the economic and political interest of the government of United States of America in Nigeria.

“MASSOB shall resist any medical assistance from China to the people of Biafra. Coronavirus disease is not in Biafra land and can never penetrate or abide in Biafra land. It is only on trade, commerce and political diplomacy that the people of Biafra have a bilateral relationship with the people and government of China.

“MASSOB advised philanthropist Chinese government not to bother themselves on the people of Biafra concerning coronavirus disease, they should concentrate their coronavirus medical assistance to President Buhari’s kinsmen in Arewa land and Bola Tinubu’s political associates in Oduduwa land who are more devastated in the arranged coronavirus infections because MASSOB have informed the people of Biafra to resist any form of medical assistance from China in regard to coronavirus disease.

“Medical doctors and other health workers in South East and South South are capable and trained to handle every medical challenge professionally. MASSOB advised the eastern zone of Nigeria Medical Association to outrightly reject this President Buhari sudden love for the lives of our people.

“President Muhammadu Buhari have never stopped the Boko Haram Islamic terrorists group that is devastating the Northeast. He has not stopped or arrest the rampaging Fulani terrorist herdsmen on ethnic cleansing in Middle Belt. He has not condemned the terrorist activities of his Fulani kinsmen in Igbo land. President Muhammadu Buhari did not show any moral sensitivity of a president to his presumed citizens in South Africa when our people were slaughtered in xenophobic killings in South Africa. Why this sudden love of protecting Ndigbo from their arranged coronavirus disease?”


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