Most of you that have been following my updates from my main account Peter Agba Kalu (Facebook) will bear me witness that at the onset of this virus, if you count those that were update with information in NIGERIA in particular, and generally Africa, I will be spotted on the top 10.

Most Information l posted, l was getting first class from international agencies who were on ground in Wuhan. I was the first person to release the secret files from Wuhan and how people were dropping on the streets of the city. I was attacked here by people who not only tagged it fake, but went ahead to say all sources of rubbish on my person. I normally keep quiet and allow time to reveal the truth. One of my very good friend based in Germany who tagged one of post fake later came inbox to apologize and wondered how l was sourcing such accurate information ahead of time.

l started sounding the alarm about NIGERIA and northern states in time. I equally singled out Kano State quit in time. I called for lockdown and equally gave reason why we shouldn’t use western standard to lockdown. Because, unlike the west, we don’t have the capacity or economy for a complete lockdown.
After lockdown, l discovered that we were forcing people to commit suicide in order to avoid a virus that will kill them.


Why then am l not alarmed by the speed COVID-19 spread is going in NIGERIA. Very simple. The world all over are fighting for the eradication of the virus, but the virus came to Nigeria and become a big source of cash cow.

Yes, you heard me well, COVID-19 is now one of the biggest business in Nigeria. NCDC agency staff are going around working with some states and begging people to accept they test positive and be handsomely paid. Atimes, people are forced into isolation once they report to hospital against their will.

The Nigerian statistics as a result, has been shattered. No one knows what to believe again and getting the right statistics for experts and guru researchers like me to analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the fight here, becomes very difficult.

For the first time since the COVID-19 spread started, l was left lost. I don’t know if the figures being brandished here are accurate, l don’t know if they’re made up, but I know that we are in big shit, because l know that COVID-19 spread is happening and it has gotten to worst level- community spread.

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So am left confused as l cannot accurately lay my hand on the statistics the federal government used to start ease of lockdown. Same can be said of the states.

But, as the ease of the Lockdown starts today, here’s one advise l have for each and everyone of your family, still be careful.
Don’t have direct contact with people
Use your face mask once you step outside home.

When you come back remove everything outside and make provision outside the house where you dump them for washing. Soak them immediately.

Even after that, don’t rush to have body contact with any family member, hit the shower and make sure your family members wash hands with liquid soap regularly.

Avoid crowded places and don’t step out if it’s not necessary.

These are small sacrifice to make for the love of your family and loved ones.
Don’t let the messed Nigerian system to mess up your life and those of your loved ones.

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Continue to watch this space.
Sir PAK cares!


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