The National Coordinator of POCACOV, CSP, Ebere Amaraizu

The National Coordinator Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV) CSP Ebere Amaraizu has stated that the ongoing building of platform/network for all Chief Security Officers and Public Relations Officers of all schools, colleges of education, universities and polytechnics across all states of the federation embarked upon by the IGP M.A Adamu POCACOV Resource Centre, Enugu is a step taking from right direction.

CSP Amaraizu said the step is aimed at keeping closer contact between POCACOV and its various stakeholders for the full actualization of the aims and objectives of POCACOV VOLUNTEER CLUB Scheme of Safer School/community partnership which is one of the cardinal ingredients of the community oriented policing tenets.

Amaraizu stated this while speaking on the essence of POCACOV Volunteer Club scheme for safer school/community partnership.

“With this network and partnership, they will have a direct link with the POCACOV Resource Centre for information sharing.

“It will also help to create the platform of awareness aimed at educating new entrants to school on the dangers of cultism and other vices and encourage full operation of POCACOV VOLUNTEER CLUB for safer school and community partnership.

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“We need to constantly maintain this contact with them and the management for a robust and strong synergy towards saving Nigerian Children/Youths from the Claws of cultism and other vices.

“We need all stakeholders to join hands with POCACOV to raise the awareness and sensitizations. Nigerian children/youths get into the waiting hands of mischief makers during their early days in schools and universities and before you know it, they are given negative orientation leading to their initiation and becoming members of cult group and this is due to lack of proper orientation, awareness creation and sensitizations.

“With the development, POCACOV is looking forward to achieving its aim of passing the right message that will discourage new entrants to schools, colleges, universities, polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning from joining cult group and associating themselves with vices and thereby making our society safe and secured,”Amaraizu said.


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