I write as a lady and youth who sometimes, is unsure of what the future holds for her and unborn generations. I sincerely hope that you read this till the end and digest it.

I saw alot of people celebrating Nigeria @60 which is not bad in its entirety because they were celebrating freedom from from colonial masters which unfortunately, has metamorphosised into internal slavery by our leaders.

Personally, I didn’t and I know so many other Nigerians didn’t celebrate too.

What exactly are we supposed to celebrate about Nigeria @60?

Are we celebrating the partial system, cosmetic/imposed unity, gross inequality in the society?

Are we celebrating the deplorable living conditions of average Nigerian citizens who live below 1 dollar every day, some civil servants being owed for years or the average salary earners who spend ten times their salary even before it’s paid because the economy is in shambles?

Are we celebrating a system that refused to pay the elderlies their gratuity/pension, people that dedicated their prime in serving the society?

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Are we celebrating the absolute lack of transparency in the downstream sector of the petroleum industry, hike in fuel price or increased electricity tariff or VAT?

Are we celebrating the poor health infrastructures that average Nigerians can’t even afford and the elites/ruling class travel outside the country for their medical treatment?

Are we celebrating the negligence given to the educational system especially the public/government owned schools, yet those that should fix things, enroll their children in best institutions abroad?

Are we celebrating lack of employment for graduates where employment is now by connections and when one eventually learns a skill they can’t access loans or grants to start because of difficult terms and conditions?

Are we celebrating the weak security system that leaves many at the mercy of herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers and bokoharam?

Are we celebrating the constant debt the nation has been thrown into, animals swallowing money and financial documentary officies being burnt strategically?

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The list is endless, so many people will always say, “it took the developed world many years to get to where they are now” but I say, “when other people make mistakes, the next person should learn and take precautions. why can’t the system borrow a good leaf from the good things the developed countries are doing.”

The situation is disheartening and can be traced to; corruption, greed, misplaced prioties and mismanagement of resources because Nigeria is a country blessed beyond measures, everything we want and can harness surrounds us from human resources to natural resources.

Finally, this is not the change we seek, it’s not here yet, we might never get it right if we don’t begin to act right. The change we seek begins from me and you, in the face of all the trials and tribulations we face as a nation. I hope we find solutions to these major challenges we face now because their solutions lie in our conscience and hands.

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Nwada Oluchukwu Claire Chinweuba
National Youth Leader Igbo National Council Worldwide.
Enugu State President Pan African Women Forum For Grassroot Development.


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