Bende Federal Constituency has a way of producing some of the finest legislators representing Abia State at the National Assembly. That constituency gave us the best ever female legislator in the person of our Amazon Hon. Nnenna Ukeje aka Ada Bende. She was exceptional in the House and delivers effortlessly on our legislative agenda without making any fuss about it.

Hon Ben Kalu, though of APC, in my personal view, is following well in her footsteps of quality legislative representation and good personal carriage.

In his very first term, he is already the spokesman of the House of Representatives and he is doing that job very well as if he was born into it.

He is also among those legislators that always touch base with their constituents on a regular basis.

I read his congratulatory message to Hon Ebisike of PDP and told myself that we need more people like him to join the excellent PDP representatives at the House like the hard working Uzoma Abonta who is number one in the south east in terms of legislative productivity; Darlington Nwokocha, the man of the people, Solomon Adaelu, the caterpillar legislator and Uko Nkole aka Mr Project,

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The truth is that Ben has always carried himself well and shows enormous respect to his Governor regardless of party differences. I suspect he is very proud of the Governor who he sees as a Scholar in Governance and who meets his intellectual and performance standards. Even in the thick of the campaigns for Aba North/South Federal Constituency, I listened to Ben on a live radio program anchored from Flo FM studio and you could see that through out his presentation he never insulted anyone or towed the path of needless lies.

I wonder how he felt on Thursday night listening to his political mentor and our former Governor literally debasing the status of a Forner Governor with his performance on radio. Possibly, gentleman Ben must have taken glasses of water to calm down during and after the shambolic presentation.

I am sure that Ben Kalu will never vote for RUGA even if compelled by his party caucus In the House. His actions when farmlands were destroyed by herders within his constituency gives me that much confidence. He was the only person among the APC flock in Abia that condemned what happened and physically moved to ensure that nobody was unnecessarily harassed. Yet, I can’t help but wonder what this fine gentleman is doing among the desperate hawks of Abia politics who think only of themselves and not of the people.

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Maybe one day soon, Ben will join PDP and support the new order in Abia politics that places the good of the people above all other considerations, as envisioned and driven by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, PhD.

-JOK wrote as a common Abian only


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