Those in Enugu West campaigning that zoning should be quashed are mere jokers. The majority of the Youths of the Zone are vehemently opposed to any such move and are waiting patiently for those proposing it to come out in full, only then will they know that we now have the power to decide our fate.

This is calling on all Stakeholders of Enugu West who are opposed to this idea but silent to rise up and speak up because we need the people of the other zones to know that this is not our wish but the script of a select few who are in great minority.

As long as I am concerned, in Enugu we have a system that not only benefits each and everyone of us but which works. It’s unthinkable that anyone can be seen to be talking about jettisoning zoning.

Well, talk is cheap. At the appropriate time I’m sure His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi will lead the way and do the needful. Let’s see those who can stand on the way.

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Most stakeholders and Youths of Enugu West do not share the view that Enugu West or any other zone, except Enugu East should produce the next Governor.

So far no one from Enugu West has told us he has interest to become Governor. I only see claims, counter-claims, arguments and propositions on social media. I chose to ignore them till date because I know it is not the time to prove points.

The Governor still have clear 24months to Govern Enugu. I suggest that people should stop distracting him (that’s if he even notices them). He still have a lot to do for Ndi Enugu and we need him to concentrate .

When the time is ripe to decide who the next Governor is and of course we all know the zone that should produce the next Governor, HE Gov Ugwuanyi will take the lead and we will all queue behind him with great support and see that such a person is 100% delivered. There is no going back on this.

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We can only urge that in deciding who the next Governor will be from the lot in Enugu East Senatorial Zone, attention should be paid only to people with proven capacity, integrity and who is rooted in the grassroot. This is because we need people who can keep Enugu on a steady rise. It is my believe that the Enugu East people have them in quantum.

Lastly, may I inform all those fanning the embers of political wars, division & crisis to desist from doing so. Note that “Those who prepare for war, should not boast of victory; because the day of war is different from the day of planning”.


Comr. Collins Anikwe was the Youth Leader, Enugu West PDP campaign Committee and the Coordinator, Udi/Ezeagu brothers Association.


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