Following the announcement by the South East Governors’ Forum of their decision to form a joint security outfit for the zone, some citizens of the South-East region have criticized the move while others gave kudos of commendation just as others noted that “it came too late.”

They took to social media to air their opinions concerning the formation of the security outfit that for some people, have been long awaited.

“Kudos to SE Governors for the efforts. I do not quite get some gists, but the points are noted. Half a loaf of bread is better than none.

1. The name is not apt: Why are we praising the Glory of Leopard: Ebube Agụ? Agụnaechemba would have been better; Ọgbanaecheagụ, best.

2. “Meeting agreed that open grazing has been banned…..”_
Who is fooling who? This is the main meat. It is either we do it, or we stop the pretense. HABA!

3. “The meeting encouraged a peaceful coexistence of farmers and herders… .”

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We don’t get it!😱 There is nothing like farmers and herders “coexistence” or even conflict; the herders are terrorizing farming communities. It is that simple.

4. We must set up ranches and ban open grazing. Then we can deal with our local criminals. Anything less is postponing the capitulation of Igbo country to massacres and hunger.

“I am not impressed” he concluded.

For Michael Ijere, “Why are these treacherous and vile men so insensitive to the plight of Ndigbo, and why are they aiding the conspirators and foreign invaders of our land? When we told them about the need for southeast security formation, they scuttled it and now they want to set ESN (the defenders of our land) up by this last onslaught of EBUBEAGU. and we ask, what happened to forest guard? Why not support the peoples ESN? It is a clear indication that they don’t care about the people – whether they die or live. But one thing is for sure: they will end up recruiting IPOB members. Forest Guard is a case study.
These treacherous leaders think that by allowing them to have security outfit like Ebubeagu is a sign and gift of love from the Fulani-Sokoto caliphate. Little did they know that it is a divide and rule game. Using Ebubeagu to fight ESN(brothers killing themselves). ESN is the peoples choice and can’t be discredited by the Federal Government funded security outfit called EBUBEAGU. which ever way, Bush meat go yakpa!

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I don’t want to be politically correct. In fact, I am writing as a market man,” he concluded.

Rising from the South-East Security Meeting held in Owerri, the Imo state capital on Sunday, the Chairman of the South East Governors’ Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, Dave Umahi made the announcement in a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting.

In attendance were the five South-East Governors, Some Heads of Security Agencies, President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, amongst others.


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