Ifeanyi Okowa

The Delta State Governor, Ifeanyi Okowa, has explained why he recently sacked his entire cabinet.

Okowa said his reason is because of the noticed division within members cabinet.

“In the last two years, we needed to be able to ensure that we reduce the level of distractions in governance and if we do not take that action, I may have an exco that may be divided in the next two years and that will not enable me to achieve my vision,” the governor said Wednesday in Asaba during a media interaction.

“So, I thought that there was a need to re-work the exco in such a manner that we will operate within the least stress where those in exco will know that their minds are focused more at what we are able to achieve in the next years rather than in their private ambitions and beliefs.

“And, that was a key factor, otherwise the gentlemen that worked with me, who also include the ladies were very good; they worked hard, they meant well for the administration and I truly thank them for all that we have done,” Mr Okowa said.

The governor did not say what caused the division in his cabinet. However, he appeared to be referring to political alignments for the 2023 general elections when he talked about cabinet members pursuing “private ambitions”.

The governor was asked if it was true that he intended to have an Ijaw man succeed him.

“It’s only God Almighty that knows who will be governor after me,” he responded.

“I cannot pretend to be God, for I am not; I don’t know who God is going to bring and I don’t have the intention of playing the role of God.

“You will hear a lot more things just as they said I want to hand over to an Ijaw man. I don’t think that I have the strength to play God but the issue is when the politics starts politics will be played and God Almighty will take the decision on who will be governor.

“But as I said, at some point in time as a political party, because I can only speak for my party, we will sit down to look at issues to find out what truly will be fair, what truly will be justified and what should equity really mean,” he added.

Speaking about where his successor is likely going to come from with respect to power rotation, Governor Okowa said there was no formal agreement signed and no formal meeting ever held where the issue of zoning was discussed and agreed upon.

He said the succession politics in the state would be based on equity and fairness.


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