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Davido’s cousin Adebayo Adeleke aka B-Red has stirred massive reactions among social media users following his revelation he suffered despite having a billionaire uncle and millionaire dad.

B-Red, who is also a singer like Davido and a member of the 30BG, made this disclosure in a viral video where he expressed immense love and gratitude to God for bringing him this far.

According to the HKN Singer and songwriter, he suffered but his life has changed.

The “Uju” singer said: “To be honest, I was just thinking, if I take it way back to like 12, 13, 14 years ago, many people will just think because, my uncle is a billionaire, my dad is a millionaire so we’ve had it good since time.

‘’No o! omo!! I remember those days, people that know me very well. I suffered o! And my life has just changed.

“And I’m grateful to God. And this is a special shout out to God, I will not stop serving you. I love you God. Please keep pushing me higher.

‘’Please God, I love you. I’m enjoying my life. Let my life be sweet every day.

“All my investments, I’m grateful God. All the show money, all the balling over the years, God, I’m grateful. I love you Jesus!”

However, most social media users have decried his claims of having suffered at any point in time of his life noting someone with such pedigree could never have experienced any form of suffering.

Although, a few noted they could relate with his claims as they have seen it happen and also because each individual has a story.

africanflamingo_ said: “You lacked attention not suffering. Check the meaning of suffering and leave us alone.”

ebeekaboere wrote: “Suffering is relative oh! To him suffering might be not being able to buy them balenciaga’s, travel as he wants or “ball” often but he has money to satisfy his needs and afford some wants. While another person’s suffering is not having money to feed. This suffering thing get level abeg.”

nene_george stated: “Shatappppp there! You suffered for where? All these privileged children will also come and be dragging suffering with us.”

amazingblessings said: “You sure this dude is ok everybody sha just want to claim the dust to grace ok ohh.” screamed: “Oga shut up there you know watin be suffer?”

kenny_babs_ wrote: “Guyy u no suffer. Talk another thing!”

sneakersnaija stated: “There are different categories to suffering sha….your ‘suffer’ no reach some people’s suffer. Make all of us they thank God.”

jay_strings wrote: “U suffered as in you lived under the bridge in obalenede or you hawked gala on the street? Alaye no go talk that thing for where boiz Dey o. Which kind suffer.”

austinfame_ said: “The thing is that, some rich parents don’t lavish on their kids. They allow you go through some rough journey to understand value and what life ia all about. Not all ruch kids had all the pleasure from their dad’s wealth. I understand what this man is saying.”

domingo_loso wrote: “In all honesty everyone has a story, not all that glitters is gold. In all things give thanks to God. May our stories be testimonies.”

princeolabissy stated: “Well, whatever it was you went through, that’s your definition of suffer. Who am I to invalidate your definition. Life no balance.”


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