Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman, Uche Secondus

…allegations baseless.

The media office of Prince Uche Secondus will continue to respond to even laughable talks because of the danger of allowing disinformation to enter public space unchallenged.

One of such false information being dished out is the allegation from the Rivers State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ambassador Desmond Akawor that Prince Secondus is working against Southern interest and that he has not paid his dues to the party.

We understand the frustration the anti- Secondus crusaders who have become evidence shopaholics are facing in their desperation to find points with which to use to achieve their ignoble goals

The media office sees their effort as a case of bad marketer selling a product, who puts in several efforts to convince buyers to no avail.

Our response is that there is no truth in all the allegations and Southern interest will be grossly endangered if it’s the likes of Ambassador Akawor and his clique that are pushing it.

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Critical members of our party including discerning members of the public know as a fact that no one person no matter his position can determine singularly the position of offices in the party.

The media office will however continue to urge members of the public and the media to be wary of compulsive shoppers whose agenda is mainly to distract and destroy this party and remove its focus from retuning to power in 2023 as being yearned by Nigerians.



Ike Abonyi

SA media.


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