Edafe Agbogidi

…I kowtow my indefatigable boss

Boss, words fail me to describe your worth, you are a unique teacher with a heart of gold, your teaching pattern is uncommon! The drive, the love, the prayers and all encompassing commitment really amazes me and has brought out the strong woman in me.

I join the thousands you have blessed their lives to wish you a happy birthday and pray that you continue to do exploits.

It is my prayer that God almighty who never sleeps nor slumber answers all your secret prayers, may he do for you what no man can do, may he crown all your efforts with abundance blessing.

The best boss ever, a rare gem, my coach, mentor, an inspiration, a motivator who never gets tired of pushing one to succeed! Even when I am in my lowest state, an encounter with you gives me strength to keep pushing! permit me Boss to say, you are a living legend!!!

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It’s an honour to be in your team and I won’t take this for granted Boss.

Happy Birthday to you Sir!

Warm regards,

Success Okuchemiya


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