Laugh at her, make all the fun you can in the world, mock her and call her mentally challenged, you have every right to. The only issue l see with her doctrine was time. Yes! You heard me loud and clear, TIME.

If MAMA GO had arrived here in the 60s, 70s, 80s or even early 90s with her hell and mummy water agent message, she could have been a spiritual cult hero within the Christian community. Demand for her message in crusades could have be on high side, stadiums and churches will be filled to capacity. Posters could have been made, adverts on radio stations announcing her as a guest of honour testifier. To make fun of her or oppose her could have been a direct sign that you are an anti christ. A book could have been written about her testimonials and sold out in every crusade she arrived.

Mama GO problem is that she arrived at the peak of the 21st Century, when Pastor Krist Biodun Fatoyinbo the r*pist of COZA has taken over the pulpit. When a race are pronounced cursed by a pastor because the hustle for money. When a well dressed luciferous agent has replaced her Scripture Union type of dressing. When Pastor Krist goes from the pulpit to rape members wives and daughters and the members rally around to defend him. Yes! When the fear of hell and believe in Christ and even God had started weaning down drastically.

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Mama GO came late, for time was when her malaria influenced testimonials was not only believable, but leaves hearts with fear and trembling. When we bind and lose and cover every of our deficiencies with blood of Jesus. When churches, ministries and pastors were first point of call when we fall sick.

Mama GO came late, for her type and level of belief was the standard some religious doctrines that we still believe and practice today was written. Written through the influence of man’s creed, odyssey of individuals and communities turned to spiritual inspiration from God. When to challenge thou said the Lord was to challenge God. When men were taken to stake and burnt alive for saying that the earth isn’t flat but egg like in shape.

Mama GO came late for time was when we troop crusade to hear about men and women who lived under the sea, River and ocean with Marine spirits and all they survive on was drinking blood, and they get those blood by causing accidents.

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Mama GO came late, for time was when we boycotted products because those that came earlier told us that the fast selling products are being used to intoxicated our spiritual life and initiate us into spiritual cultism that will lead us to hell fire.

Mama GO came late for time was when her testimonials will automatically spark fear in us, fear of going to hell, fear of mummy water, fear of offending God. Fear that will make us to pray speaking in tongues, binding and loosing and spreading the blood of Jesus every where we go.

At the age of religious merchandise, when Christ needs to come back with his weep and wipe out these deceiving agents of lucifer.

At the age when native doctors has removed their native garments and clean their white chalks and carried the bible with olive oil into the church to merchandise for healing.

At the age of private jets, when those who points to heaven for their poor members are acquiring the earth and building their own family and generational utopia on earth. That was when MAMA GO decided to come.


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