Last Saturday’s Meeting of Greater Inyi which convoked Inyi Political Stakeholders loyal to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, represented a somewhat rude awakening in the face of previous attempts to ride roughshod on Inyi Town’s primacy in the imperfect tripodal agglomeration hitherto referred to in political Oji-River LGA as Zone B.

Comprising the Communities/Towns of Inyi, Awlaw and Akpugoeze, Zone B has long since represented a pseudo facade, a shadowy veil, through which political democratic minority numbers lorded it over large communities such as Achi and Inyi.

The paradox of this untenable position is underscored by the fact that, for a long time now, this cloudy veil has provided successful camouflage through which Governor Ugwuanyi has been misled into believing that all is well with Oji-River LGA politics within His Excellency’s overwhelmingly majority political Camp.

Two unconnected remarkable recent events have forced the rapid cascading deconstruction of the previously well-packaged deceitful house of cards paradigm.

Suffocating from its long-suffered suppression under Oji-River’s titular Government-Contractor Leader, Achi Town, in a rare insistent audience with their Governor, Rt Hon Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, stridently laid bare a litany of alleged oppressive marginalization in the management of Oji-River Politics. Furthermore, they complained, that several of Achi’s eminently qualified sons who were contesting for the House of Representatives nomination in PDP were being intimidated by the same titular leader -“Omeiheukwu is cowing us by telling everyone who cares to listen, that your Excellency directed him to buy the House of Representatives Nomination Form”.

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Governor Ugwuanyi assuaged the various complaints and promised to look into some which required more examination. The White Lion emphatically discounted the directive said to have been credited to him restating the has not asked Omeiheukwu or any other person to purchase any nomination forms.

The second denouement came in the aftermath of last Saturday’s Meeting of Greater Inyi, convened at his country home by Rt. Honourable Jeff Mbah who is the Member representing Oji-River State Constituency at the Enugu State House of Assembly. This gathering, which held under the disruptive foreshadow of last weekend’s 3-Man Delegates Election process, was at the instance of Inyi illustrious son and former Member of the House of Representatives, KGB Oguakwa.

In addressing the motley assemblage of Inyi Political stakeholders loyal to Governor Ugwuanyi, Oguakwa reiterated the prime importance of restoring Inyi political consciousness and reawakening to the truism that the term “Zone B” represented an anomalously deceptive baptism which has only served to hoodwink and deprive.

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Oguakwa explained that the political composition in our democracy is by the categorization into Electoral Wards and not by the crafty deception which a converse designation by Towns or Communities represented.

In the words of KGB Oguakwa, who received great applause, as he demonstrated, counting out on 6 of his fingers, “what we have in this so-called Zone B are 6 Electoral Wards namely, Inyi Ward I – Enugu Inyi, Inyi Ward 2 – Umuome Inyi & other 4 villages, Inyi Ward 3 -Obune Inyi/Amankwo Inyi , Inyi 4 – Umuagu Inyi, Awlaw Ward, and Akpugoeze Ward. The ratio for distribution of patronage and offices by Omeiheukwu’s political leadership of Oji-River has fallen short of the expectations in a representative democracy within Zone B. Inyi has never received four sixths of democracy dividends sent to Zone B by our Leader Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. It is time that our four sixth’s are reinstated. Oji-River is substantially made up of Achi, Inyi, Ugwuoba, Akpugoeze and Awlaw and the current ongoing Development Centers/Electoral Wards gerrymandering may require that Awlaw Town may join Oji River East, whilst Akpugoeze may join Oji River South, leaving the 4 Electoral Wards of Inyi Town with Mmam-River which we richly deserve”.

Inyi Stakeholders who spoke during the Meeting heaved sighs of relief that at least the political liberation of Inyi has commenced and expressed confidence in the Political Leadership of Hon Jeff Mbah as the highest elected political official from Inyi and Oji-River Local Government Area as a whole, under the overall Leadership of Governor Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. They requested for the Meetings of Inyi Stakeholders to be expanded and made regular and pledged their loyalty to Governor Ugwuanyi and Hon Jeff Mbah.

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Serial Governorship Aspirant Chief Anayo Onwuegbu currently jostling for the House of Representatives seat has told everyone who cares to listen that Governor Ugwuanyi through the Reps seat is actually positioning him for a 2031 Greater Awgu Governorship run. Another name-dropping untruth? Time will tell.

With the stage thus set for the squaring off by the main components of and giant pundits in Oji-River’s complex political mix, it remains to be seen how Omeiheukwu’s Oji River Leadership will harmonize all the fallouts arising from this unexpected lifting of Oji-River’s previously obfuscating political veil.

Nze Silas Ezeadachie writes from Mkpokolo, Achi, Enugu State.


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