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A nutrition expert, Uju Onuorah, has warned against taking tea in the morning on an empty stomach.

According to Ms Onuorah, in an interview on Saturday, said the best time to take tea was two to three hours after eating.

“Teas are acidic in nature, and having them on an empty stomach can disrupt the acid-basic balance, which can lead to acidity or indigestion.

“In addition, avoid having tea right before going to bed as it can interfere with your sleep cycle and might even interrupt sleep several times during the night,’’ she said.

She said that regular intake of teas may help to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases as research show that teas contain natural substances called polyphenols such as Catechin that could fight chronic diseases.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 2022 International Tea Day, Ms Onuorah said that antioxidants had been found to help prevent and reduce the risk of Diabetes Type Two, blood pressure and some kinds of cancers.

However, Ms Onuorah cautioned that a significant side-effect of drinking too much tea was caffeine overload, adding that large amounts of caffeine in the body might lead to nausea, nervousness, dizziness, heartburn, restlessness and abdominal cramping.

“In addition, some persons may also experience loose stools and other gastrointestinal issues. Teas may also interact with certain medications.

“Tea is a rich source of a class of compounds called tannins; tannins can bind to iron in certain foods, rendering it unavailable for absorption in the digestive tract,’’ she said.

She advised people against taking more than a cup of tea in a day to stop as “Those who experience headaches, dizziness or nausea after taking tea should either stop or consult a doctor or nutritionist”.




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