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Insecurity In Nigeria

Is anyone still in doubt or prevaricating that PMB APC govt is the worst democratically elected govt in Nigeria? I have always opined that if we don’t restructure Nigeria massively from the way it is , we will rupture! Are we not rupturing already. The FCT Abuja is now under close intense attack.Eyaah!!! I have been attacked over my posture but I remain undaunted. I expect more attacks from nitwits and hypocrites but am equal to the task. However, they deserve pity because of their self anointed ignorance.

What we are experiencing now is the end result of nepotism, provincialism and clannishness of Buhari’s government.

From all perspectives, Is it not clear that jihadists, fanatics, extremists & hardened criminals have been let loose not only in the FCT but all over Nigeria. This is what we see when killers of Deborah Samuel who was killed for blasphemy just recently in Sokoto are allowed to walk freely while they are supported by idiots in religious garb. This is what we will continue to see where killers of Jibril who was killed in Lugbe, FCT are let off the hook as religious zealots continue to support atrocities and clap in happiness while applauding this wicked acts. Can we see ourselves in the mirror now. We brought ant- infested firewood home and we are now complaining about the conference of Lizards! May their soul rest in perfect peace!

What kind of hypocrisy and impunity has gripped Nigeria? A retired and tired General and minister of Defence who apparently looks sick has the temerity to tell Nigerians that Boko Haram attacked Kuje prisons and all the uncountable Boko Haram prisoners have been released together with other hardened criminals. The President after visiting Kuje Prison now dashed to Senegal and I ponder what he will tell his counterparts from Africa about the happenings in his land who will mockingly look him in the face and shake their heads? Nigeria, a sleeping giant. Where is our intelligence network? Why has no one resigned over this continuous killings and criminality? Why has the President refused to teach any of his security chiefs a lesson?

Just five days ago, the clueless minister of FCT asked all parks and gardens in the FCT to close shop by 7pm. Pray, is that a solution to insecurity or a means to increase insecurity by displacing workers ! The hospitality & entertainment industry has created huge employment to many citizens and has increased our tax net. Why do we want to suffocate this sector now? I thought there is a ban of motorbikes in some parts of the FCT. Where are the enforcers?How come men on more than 100 bikes besieged Kuje prisons before midnight without a hoot? Something seems not to add up. Many of those who supported this government since 2015 are now mute or thinking of inflicting another Parkinson disease induced leadership. God forbid . If u talk u die, u stay quiet, u die. I advise anyone who doesn’t know how to handle and fire guns to quietly go and learn. Self defence is a solution. If you like, sheepishly caution me over my statement, wait until terrorists and hardened criminals caution u to death,then u will learn a lesson. You are now on your own. ‘OYO is your case’.We have gone through and seen a lot. Sheikh Gunmi and El-rufai opened their mouths to tell us they know where these terrorists are hibernating, yet the military which seem compromised because the head is compromised already has buried its head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. Nigeria Military that tackled Liberia ,Sierra Leone, Congo and other African countries is now a shadow of itself. This military inertia under this government is perplexing. Whither Nigeria! Somalia started like this and has remained a failed state. Is Nigeria a failed state? You know the answer. I see top conspiracy against the 2023 general elections. The signs are palpable. You can doubt me with your tissues. I care less. We are certainly at the precipice. I wish us well.

Not to forget:

The relatives of the remaining 50 or more Kaduna March 2022 train victims still in the custody of terrorists within the boundaries of Niger and Kaduna state forests stirred the hornet’s nest in Kaduna this afternoon with a weak protest and no govt official could comfort them.I drove past them and shook my head intermittently as I remembered one of my friends who is also in custody and now looking older than his age from the pictures released by this demented minds- Sadiq Ango Abdullahi who won the Sabo gari Zaria Federal constituency PDP primaries in Kaduna. Kai… By now his perception about Nigeria and its political antics will definitely change. Anyone can be a victim. I pray for their earnest release in Jesus name. Shout Amen! By


Angry musings from a Pubic Analyst- Chris Emeka Oha who hovers between Kaduna,Abuja and Enugu. 7/7/22


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