Remy Ohajianya
Remy Ohajianya

Veteran Nollywood Actor, Remy Ohajianya, has cried out for help, revealing his years-long health struggle.

In an interview with Unclejay Comedy, the film star said he is suffering from a liver infection, prostate cancer, diabetes, and deafness.

“I don’t want to die, I’m too young to die. I’m only 60 years old. 60, plus months. So many things are actually wrong with me. But I have to start from a particular point,” the actor said.

“I crave the indulgence of people all over the world, that nobody should judge me from my voice. I have a theater-trained voice. My voice echoes for people to hear. If you want to judge me, you will say that I’m well all over.

“Again, my body look is very deceptive. It looks good outwardly to the extent that people think that I’m well, not knowing that it’s dead internally. It started in 2016, but it became worst in 2017 till date.

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“I have been living with numerous ailments. I have a liver infection. It has been there for years without me knowing until it begins to develop to the extent that I don’t wear shoes again.”

Remy Ohajianya said his health issues degenerated so much so that he can no longer walk on his own.

He said the doctors said he would need over N4 million to get proper treatment.

“I also have what the doctor described as a weak sense of my body. They describe it as I’m dying slowly or gradually. As I talk to you now, I can’t stand for five minutes or trek for five minutes,” Remy Ohajianya said.

“If I do, from my waist to my leg will be vibrating to the extent that I will be hearing the sound. I know that I have diabetes. I have prostrate.

“And to worsen it all, from December last year to January, February when it became so severe, I have been suffering deafness. I have spent a lot of money on medication since 2016 when this started.

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“Every money I get goes into medication. In 2020, I would have been gone (a dead human) until someone introduced me to a product.

“The cost of the medicines in 12 months amounts to N4,104,000, and I don’t have it.”



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