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Coal City Youths Speak On State Of Nigeria, Endorse Peter Obi For President
The Executives of Coal City Youths During their press conference in Enugu

Enugu Youths under the aegis of Coal City Youths Development Initiative (CCYDI), have expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the affairs of Nigeria while declaring their support for the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

CCYDI said their choice of Peter Obi is premised on his track records, his vision and commitment to get Nigeria working again.

In a press conference they had over the weekend, Coal City Youths said Nigeria is at a crossroad and “we are facing existential threat occasioned by ineptitude and divisive leadership. Unfortunately we have talked more rather than working more. We have watched our dear country plundered to death by our supposed leaders who only care about their pockets while thinking less of Nigeria.

“Our security and safety have been compromised on the altar of ethnic hegemony and deliberate imperialist agenda of the few who out of our nonchalant attitude have taken over the critical sectors of administration and security architecture and have used same to enrich themselves while destroying the fabrics that hold us together as a nation.”

The statement read by Hon. Remigius Ejike Ozonwama, the Director-General of CCYDI, further harped on the failure of the youths to take their destinies into their hands legally, and stop being used as pawns by the politicians.

“For so long, we have allowed ourselves to be used by the few ruling elites who have impoverished us while enriching themselves.

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“We have had series of agitations, anchored on our desire to see a just and better society but it has been resisted by the beneficiaries of the skewed system. Many have lost their lives in the struggle for a better Nigeria, yet the destination seems far from us because our approach are in contrast with our law.”

Coal City Youths while speaking on the forthcoming general election, said its offering the youths another opportunity to redefine the leadership of the country.

On their choice of Peter Obi, Hon. Ozonwama said Nigeria needs someone that will transform the economy and curb the corruption in the system.

“2023 general election is offering us another legitimate opportunity to redefine our leadership by collectively electing for ourselves a leader who has vision and capacity to transform Nigeria from corrupt, dependent consuming nation to an independent producing nation, capable of competing with the economy of developed countries in the world.

“History will not forgive us if we sit back and watch this opportunity slip off our hands.”

“It is indeed time for us to work for Nigeria and Nigerians. Time to stand for what is right than what is personally beneficial.

“It is time to eschew divisive party politics that have kept us low and made us vulnerable to the manipulations of the shylocks we have as leaders. It is time for us to hold our hands together to retake our country for the good of all Nigerians.

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“Achebe was right when he posited that the problem with Nigeria lies squarely on the leadership. If we get the leadership right, Nigeria will fall back on the track and we can not afford to miss it this time.

“The new electoral law has offered us opportunity to decide for ourselves who to lead us for the next 4 years and more, as an organization advocating for good governance and excellence in leadership, we are committed to doing whatever that is legitimate and necessary to enthrone credible leadership in Nigeria and Enugu State in particular.

“We have followed keenly the political processes that led to the emergence of candidates in various political parties ahead of the 2023 general election in Nigeria. we have also assessed the credentials of all the candidates aspiring to be President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. We have listened to each of the three candidates of the dominant political parties; All Progressive Congress, APC, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the Labour Party and we can tell who amongst the contenders met the yearnings and aspirations of majority of Nigerians, party and religious affiliation notwithstanding.

“We have come to term with the reality and the exigence of the moment that if we must hope to see our children become Nigerians, we must put selfish and personal interest aside and work for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians.

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“It is on this note that the Executive of Coal City Youths Development Initiative, CCYDI, a Youth advocacy movement, with structure and membership spread across the 17 Local Government Areas of Enugu State, five states of the South East, Rivers, Delta, Lagos and Diaspora inclusive, have converged here today to formally endorse the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, LP, Mr. Gregory Peter Obi, for the 2023 presidential election.

“This endorsement is based on our assessment of his credentials, track records, his vision and commitment to get Nigeria working again.

“The task ahead is enormous but we are prepared to take that long walk to victory, for without victory, there would be no survival.”

On their choice of Governorship candidate for Enugu State and other positions, Coal City Youths said it “will be communicated to the public after proper assessment and possibly interfacing with them. I want to thank members of the Executive, the gentleman of the press, ladies and gentlemen. The work for a better Nigeria has begun.”


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